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Lemons are not only incredibly tasty, but also healthy! The vitamin C bombs strengthen the immune system, are the home remedy par excellence for colds and support collagen formation for beautiful skin. But also as a plant on the balcony and terrace, the lemon exudes a good mood and a pleasant fragrance. How to grow a lemon tree yourself, I explain in this blog post.

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1. Grow your own lemon tree – this is how it works 2. Lemon plants care 3. Watering lemon plants properly 4. Propagate lemon plants from cuttings 5. Make lemon syrup yourself 6. Make your own lemon syrup 7. My favorite recipes with lemons

About the book "Homegrown" I came across that Lemon trees as potted plants also thrive with us. And here's how I saved a few seeds after that last hot lemon. Now waiting eagerly for the first shoots of my lemon tree.

A bountiful lemon harvest is from the Grow your own lemon trees not expected for the time being. But until then, plant lovers can enjoy evergreen leaves and fresh-smelling flowers. Planted in a tub, the lemon plant immediately gives a vacation feeling both on the balcony and on the terrace.

But now the most important Information about planting a lemon tree.

Grow your own lemon tree – this is how to do it

Any organic lemon is suitable. For the cultivation of a lemon plant are only whole seeds useful. This after the detachment rinse thoroughly. Substrate covered. Moisturizes.

The cultivation pots best place in a plastic bag or cover with cling film. The soil must always be slightly moist. The optimal germination temperature is between 16-21°C. After 2-8 weeks Germination time let the first sprouts appear. The foil or bag can now be removed. The tender plantlets are best placed on the windowsill sunny and warm.

Care for lemon plants

Lemons like it sunny and warm. With us they may outdoors from a temperature of 6°C pull. If there is a risk of frost and during the winter months, lemon plants must be brought indoors.

When choosing a location, one should preferably choose a place sheltered from the wind select. In order for the flowers to form fruit, lemon plants need about 6 months of temperatures above 13°C.

Proper watering of lemon plants

Lemons thrive better when the soil is nearly dry between waterings. Only when the first fruits form, the plant should always be kept slightly moist.

Propagating lemon plants from cuttings

Growing from cuttings is much faster than from seeds. However, this ames that you already have a nice lemon plant at home. For the cultivation of a lemon tree with a cutting, a 10 centimeter long bendable piece With a pair of leaves separated from the main shoot of the mother plant.

The shoot is placed up to half in a pot with substrate. the substrate should always be kept moist. Again, a clear bag helps to achieve a growth-promoting environment. Once a day, the cuttings should be ventilated. Not all cuttings will sprout. Remove stunted cuttings from the pot as soon as possible. Cuttings that sprout have formed roots and, if vigorous enough, can be planted in separate pots or containers.

Make you want to try it too? Then it is best to save the kernels for the next lemon.

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