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Serious illness / dread diseaseThere is strong demand among end consumers for products providing financial protection in the event of serious illness. In contrast to occupational disability insurance, dread disease insurance does not provide benefits based on occupational activity or earning capacity, but rather on the occurrence of specific events – the onset of the insured diseases. Dread disease insurances can be compared by free. Independent intermediaries through the Fonds Finanz life division are referred to.

– heart attack – stroke – cancer – multiple sclerosis – paraplegia – kidney failure – coma

Another difference is the form of payment of the insurance benefit: instead of an annuity, a lump sum payment is made.

Calculators and tools

You would like to calculate a BU offer yourself? Here you have various options for finding the right tariff for your customer – from the comprehensive
LV comparison program from softfair up to the Online calculators of the individual companies. The softfair life module creates comparisons for you. VVG-compliant offers for all life product groups. Here you will find Riester, Rurup, fund or private pension, BU, DU, risk-LV, bAV u.v.m.

Online calculator of the societies

Calculate rates and create customer quotes with the companies' online calculators.


With Fonds Finanz, the brokerage of contracts should be as efficient as possible for you. In this way, you can quickly and cleanly polish your dread disease business with a preliminary inquiry and at the same time also ensure the quality of advice to your customer in the long term.

sales aids:

The Fonds Finanz would like to support you with your consultation. Practical sales aids to assist you.

Disease check

Find out if your customer's condition tends to be insurable in our list of conditions.

The medical market comparison of MEDI-KOST (Hagen Engelhard)

In cooperation with Dr. med Peter Grotmann, specialist in dermatology, venereology and allergology, this market comparison of insured diseases was prepared from a purely medical point of view. In simple terms: Is what the layman imagines to be a disease insured, and how high is the probability of falling ill??

All other information can be found in the following content:

Special comparisons

With the special comparison you get a quick overview: Here all product characteristics of the individual tariffs are placed side by side.

Contact persons and forms

You would like to contact a company directly? Find the right contact person in the Fonds Finanz company portal.

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