Lol patch 12.08 highlights swain update more earlygame

LoL Patch 12.08 Highlights | Swain Update& MoreWe take a look at all the changes that came with League of Legends Patch 12.08 have freshly arrived in the gap. What's the biggest news in the LoL meta. Which champions we will see at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational?

Lol patch 12.08 highlights swain update more earlygame

What kind of updates did we get with this patch? | © Riot Games

The Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is just around the corner! All the teams have now qualified for the second biggest tournament of the year, but now it's time to dress up the champions a little so that we don't see the same botlaners over and over again.

What kind of ideas did Riot have with the last patch before the event? Which champions were buffed. Which one got the nerfhammer? For a detailed overview, please also take a look at our Buffs and nerfs articles by. But now we deal with the main changes of this patch!

Swain's mid-scope update goes live with patch 12.08

Will we get Swain more in Pro Play in the future see where Riot gave him a little attention now? Mana problems are now a thing of the past. Many of its mechanics have been reworked. Also his Ultimate can now be active significantly longer. Not wanting to get too much ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at all the changes:

– [REMOVED] E – Mechanism: Swain can no longer use his Passive to drain immobile enemies of Soul Fragments (see more under "E – Nevermore) – Healing of 4/5.5/7% (Lvl. 1/6/11) max. Health to 4/5.5/7/9% (Lvl. 1/6/11/16) max. Health Changed – Healing per Soul Fragment 5 ⇒ 12

– Mana cost: 65-85 ⇒ 45-65 – Cooldown: 9-3 seconds ⇒ 7-3 seconds – Damage: 55-135 (+40%AP) ⇒ 60-140 (+40%AP) – Bonus damage per additional flash: 8.25-47.25 (+6-14% AP) ⇒ 12-52 (+8%AP) – Maximum damage: 88-324 (+64-96%AP) ⇒ 108-348 (+70%AP)

– Mana cost: 70-110 ⇒ 60-80 – [NEW] Vantage Advantage: Pings now alert you to enemies that are in range, similar to Twisted Fates or Nocturnes Ultimate

– [NEW] Pitiful Pawns: Can be reactivated to pull all enemies rooted by Nevermore – [REMOVED] Silent Sacrifices: Swains Pulls no longer deal damage – [NEW] A True Visionary: Vision on all rooted targets – [NEW] Demon Discount: Cooldown is reduced by 20% during Demonic Ascension (R)

– Cooldown 120 sec. ⇒ 100/80/60 sec. Life Drained per Second: 35/50/60 (+14%AP) ⇒ 20/40/60 (+10%AP) – Healing per Second: 20/35/40 (+16%AP) ⇒ 15/40/65 (+25%AP) – [REMOVED] Big Bird: No longer grants 125/200/275 additional life – [REMOVED] Active Duration: 12 seconds ⇒ Based on Demon Power – [CHANGED] Demon Power: Activating Demonic Ascension gives Swain 50 Demon Power, it drains at a rate of 10 per second. After 5 seconds the rate increases to 15 per second – [NEW] Soul Stealer: Swain gets 20 Demon Power per second when draining life from enemies – [CHANGED] Big Demon Energy: After 2 seconds of Demonic Ascension Swain can recast his Ultimate as R – Demonflare. This can only be cast once and does not end Demonic Ascension

– Damage: 100/150/200 (+50%AP)> 150/225/300 (+60%AP) – [NEW] Conflagration: Demonflare slows enemies by 60%, this effect decays over 1.5 seconds – [REMOVED] Expended, not Stored: Demonflare no longer deals additional damage based on health drained

With his E he can pull any enemy towards him and not only those who are under crowd control. Makes for a whole new threat, especially when he's lurking in the Fog-of-War. Whether someone like Keria can handle him?

Kai'Sa update in patch 12.08

Another champion that got a little update this time is Kai'Sa. This one has been making headlines lately, especially in the midlane. Thanks to her range and the AP damage on her W, she can dismantle almost any opponent without any problems. As a result, Riot felt compelled to adjust it a bit.

AbilityAdjustments with Patch 12.08
Second Skin (P)Additional Magic Damage when consuming full Plasma Stacks: 15% (+2, 5% per 100 AP) ⇒ 15% (+5% per 100 AP) of target's missing health Void Seeker (W)Magic damage 30/55/80/105/130 (+ 130% AD) (+70% AP) ⇒. 30/55/80/105/130 (+130% AD) (+45% AP) Killer Instinct (R)Shield Strength 75/100/125 (+100/150/200% AD) (+75% AP) ⇒ 75/100/125 (+100/150/200% AD) (+100% AP)

Item changes in patch 12.08

Only one item was reworked in this patch, and that is Stopwatch. The casters like to jokingly call it "the strongest item in the game". There's certainly a bit to it though, as Zhonya's or Guardian Angel can turn a teamfight pretty much on its head. You just don't die when you should – and imagine you have another Zilean now, Renata Glasc or Akshan in your team.

Therefore, Riot is also revising the Stopwatch. If you already own a Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel, you won't be able to buy another Stopwatch. Pretty interesting in terms of the MSI, isn't it??

Lol patch 12.08 highlights swain update more earlygame

Sun Eater Kayle looks damn cool. | © Riot Games

All in Patch 12.08 released skins

We get Eclipse skins and as a bonus two skins, from the hit game from Riot Forge – Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. These skins came a bit out of nowhere, but still caused a stir. Sivir also gets her first legendary skin – it was about time!

– Eclipse Sivir – Eclipse Kayle – Eclipse Aatrox – Eclipse Senna – Eclipse Senna Prestige – Eclipse Sejuani – Sea Dog Yasuo – Gangplank the Betrayer

These are all highlights of League of Legends Patch 12.08. We are already looking forward to Mid-Scope Update for Taliyah and this for Olaf, who introduced us to Patch 12.09 should reach. And don't forget: Soon we will start with the MSI!

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