Lose weight gently and healthily

The Germans belong meanwhile to the thickest peoples in Europe, and many humans would like to lose as fast as possible a few from your additional Kilos and Fettp?sterchen. Losing weight is always a good measure if you are overweight, but you should be aware that it is a process that takes time. A radical diet, in which the pounds fall in the shortest time only in such a way does not function mostly and is for the body besides also extremely unhealthy.

Healthy nutrition is the basis

Losing weight gently and healthily is the right motto, and with a few tips and hints you are on the right path to a slimmer life. In most cases, the overweight body has become accustomed to the intake of food with too much fat and sugar, it knows large portions and needs time to adjust its metabolism. Accordingly, it makes no sense to eat nothing overnight, but you must change your diet in the right way. Then you can also eat hearty. Do not have to struggle with strong feelings of hunger during weight loss. Eat consciously and take time for your meals. Fast snacks with a lot of fat are taboo. Vegetables, fruit, fiber and above all low fat are the most important building blocks for a healthy diet that slims down. Also pay attention to what you drink, because many beverages contain hidden sugars that raise insulin levels in the blood and cause hunger pangs. Drink rather a lot of water. Spritzers without sugar. By drinking regularly and sufficiently, you also fill your stomach and feel less hungry. Pay attention to the amount of calories you eat daily, because it should not be more than 1800 for a female and 2200 for a male person per day. This applies naturally only with normal average load.

You can't eat without exercise

In addition to proper nutrition, exercise is another pillar of healthy weight loss. Don't overdo it if you're overweight and not exercising, because it will do more harm to your body than good. Build exercise into your daily routine so that you get used to it, so just ditch the car and walk or ride your bike sometimes. Talk to your family doctor and get a checkup to be sure you can exercise without concern. Swimming and walking are ideal sports for weight loss, as they burn a lot of calories and do not put too much stress on joints and muscles. Cycling or inline skating are also highly recommended.

The correct life attitude keeps in the long run slim

However, healthy eating and exercise should not just rule your day until you have lost a few kilos, but these two elements should become part of your life. Because losing weight takes place to a large extent also in your head. Only with the right attitude to life will you stay slim and healthy in the long term. Of course, you can also sin once in a while, because in the long run it is not realistic to completely do without the popular fatteners such as sweets or a curry sausage with chips. The only important thing is to keep balancing out these "outliers" with the right lifestyle choices.

The concept of the Weight Watchers points list is also interesting in this respect. Here comes dieters with the mutual support of the group. An intelligent point system to their goal.

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