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How can I quickly. Simply lose weight? And best of all without starving.

Numerous diets promise quick success. There are countless Guidebook, Courses and Recipes. Many of these Methods common is that they are often only one-sided and after short, Temporary successes return to the starting point.

In the following we want to show you a way how to get to a healthy weight in a natural way, without starving and thereby the so-called Yo-Yo effect, that is a constant up and down of the body weight, Avoid can.

What is my ideal body weight?

Having a few kilos more on your ribs than many role models claim doesn't mean you're overweight and need to lose weight. Often a few kilograms lie between the learned own conception of the dream figure and a healthy ideal weight. Because a little bit of belly bulge and a few small rolls on the body are definitely in the interest of our health. Last but not least, it is crucial that we feel good and our body Coping with stress can and is resistant. What say the body mass index. The waist-hip ratio from?As a first indication of possible overweight or underweight can the so-called Body mass index (BMI) serve. The BMI is calculated from the body weight. The body length calculated. This involves dividing your weight (in kg) by the square of your height (m 2 ).

Calculate now easily your body mass index in our BMI calculator: Here is the BMI calculator

The World Health Organization has established the following guideline values for adults over 20 years of age, which apply regardless of age and gender.

nutritional status: Underweight
BMI< 18,5

nutritional status: Normal weight
BMI 18,5 – 24,9

Nutritional status: Overweight
BMI 25.0 – 29.0

nutritional status: Obesity grade I
BMI 30,0 – 34,9

Nutritional status: Obesity grade II
BMI 35.0 – 39.9

nutritional status: Obesity grade III
BMI> 40

Example calculation: Weight: 70 kg Height: 1.70 m 1.70² = 2.89 70 / 2.89 ~ BMI 24.221

It is important to determine the BMI not the sole yardstick to take for a healthy body weight. It is very general and does not take into account gender and age, nor any other individual physical conditions. For example, BMI does not distinguish whether our body mass is composed more of fat or muscle mass.

In addition, for high BMI values above 30, the so-called body mass index can be used Waist-Hip-Quotient (THQ) are measured. The THQ describes the ratio of the waist to the hips (waist circumference divided by hip circumference) and thus allows conclusions about the Distribution of fat reserves in the body to. If the fat deposits are located more in the hip, buttocks and leg region, this is referred to as a pear shape. This may disturb the aesthetic sensibilities of some, but health-wise this form of overweight is not risky. Are Fat cushions however mainly in Belly region to be found, one speaks of the apple shape. In this case, the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases as a result of being overweight is much higher. For women, THQ less than 0.85 be, for men smaller than 1.0.

Whoever, when calculating his own BMI, comes across a value that is 30 or higher and also has an unfavorable THQ, should consult a doctor. This is able to more accurately determine the health risk associated with being overweight. Because for this, in addition to the knowledge of age, gender and body measurements, many other health influencing factors must be taken into account.

What are the methods for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight, you have to do more consume calories, than he feeds his body. This is accomplished either by significantly increasing caloric expenditure or by significantly decreasing caloric intake, or a combination of both.

Lose weight with sports: Exercise increases calorie consumption

Those who want to lose weight with the help of sports start with their calorie consumption. Because who Sporty active burns more calories. The more endurance sport is practiced, the greater the increase in calorie consumption and basal metabolic rate.

Jogging is the number 1 weight loss aid among sports. Hardly any other sport is as good a calorie killer as running training. What makes endurance running more effective than cycling and co.? When jogging almost the entire musculature is stressed. This increases the energy requirement. The sportsman becomes slim faster.

– Also Swimming is an optimal sport to support a diet. As a full-body workout is equally suitable for beginners and professionals. With a small expenditure of time weight can be reduced. Targeted muscles are built up. In the water, by the way, all muscle groups are mobilized without putting excessive strain on joints and ligaments. For Abnehmwutige, which do not stand in training or still carry a few kilos too much around, can train so gently.

– Also Yoga-Fans can use their sport to support their own weight loss plans, even if only a few calories are burned in comparison to endurance sports. It depends entirely on the practiced yoga variant, how much physical activity is done in addition to the mental in yoga.

– And it doesn't have to be competitive or endurance sports. Already Walking or Cycling, romping around with children or taking the stairs instead of the elevator will ensure that more calories are burned.

Diet and sports

But when the body is active and consumes energy, it is important to give it new energy as well Energy and nutrients in the form of food. In order to achieve a healthy reduction in body weight through sporting activity, it therefore makes sense to keep an eye on one's changed calorie requirements and to make healthy food choices. whole grain products. Fruit, on the other hand, they promote.

One Isolated weight loss of body fat only on certain problem places referred, like belly or legs, cannot be accomplished by sporty activity contrary to many advertising promises to the contrary. The fat reduction always takes place as part of the total body fat metabolism. However, muscles can be built up in those areas, which in turn boost the metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

In addition, the loss of body fat through regular exercise, especially endurance sports, fitness and strength training, goes hand in hand with an increased Muscle building one. Therefore, the pure Weight loss be lower than expected in men. Therefore, anyone who wants to lose weight with the help of regular sporting activities should not so much focus on the body weight itself, but rather on a lower waist circumference to Goal and standard of successful slimming.

With diets to a sustainable weight loss?

The range of different diets is hard to keep track of. Aim each Slimming is to lose body weight as quickly as possible. However, reduction diets should only be followed for a limited period of time. Caution is also advised with crash diets. The danger that the nourishing way is too one-sided for the body or the Jo Jo effect occurs is large. In order to have a lasting effect on body weight, therefore, a Change of eating habits A balanced diet is recommended.

Which diet suits me?

Which diet fits to the own life-style, everyone must find out for itself. Here are some examples of diets, with the aim of weight loss and weight control:

Separation food diet Carbohydrates and protein foods are separated in this diet. That is, they are consumed at different meals.

Low-fat diet In diets of this type, there is a strong limitation of the amount of fat in the food.

Low-carb diets A significantly reduced intake of carbohydrates is the goal of low carb diets.

Glyx diet Who decides for the Glyx Diat, focuses on food with a low Glykamischen index (unit over the consequences of a carbohydrate-containing food on the blood sugar mirror). The higher the glycemic index, the more sugar is in the blood of the affected person.

DASH-Diet DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension This diet was originally developed to treat high blood prere. The composition of the nutrients during this form of slimming consists of 50 percent carbohydrates. In addition, may be just under 30 percent fat and 20 percent protein The carbohydrates, which are taken in DASH, should come mainly from fiber-rich foods. This includes whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The consumption of salt is reduced in this diet.

FDH diet FDH means: Eat half. This diet does not count calories, but basically eats half of what would otherwise be eaten. No special focus on the food or its nutritional values, only on the size of the portion.

Mediterranean diet Mediterranean foods such as fresh fruits, salads and vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts are the basics of this diet. In the Mediterranean diet, sausage, red meat and high-fat dairy products should rarely be on the menu. Rarely quick weight loss successes, rather more long-term.

In addition to the above-mentioned diets, there are numerous other approaches, as well as sub- and mixed forms. The so-called Montignac method for example is a popular mixture of Glyx Diat, Low Carb Diat and separation food, which contains in addition own rules and a durable removing without sport propagates. Also the so-called Slim-in-sleep diet is a special mixed form of the approaches mentioned, which goes along however quite with additional sporty activity. There is also a trend to replace a meal with a weight loss shake.

The choice of a suitable diet depends strongly on individual needs and life circumstances. Therefore it is always meaningful, itself before beginning a slimming cure consciously with its Lifestyle habits to deal with and consult a doctor or a nutritionist.

Beware of the yo-yo effect

While most food diets are based on special theories of a selected food intake, some slimming diets also follow the approach of a simple reduction of calories. A frequent consequence of repeated slimming diets is the so-called yo-yo effect Yo-Yo effect. This describes gaining weight again after an initially successful diet. Here the body weight can lie in the result even still over the former starting weight. In order to avoid the yo-yo effect as far as possible, nutritionists recommend a sustainable diet Change of lifestyle and eating habits following a diet.

Anyone who shows nutritional deficiency symptoms in the course of a diet should end his diet or at least consult a doctor to identify possible risks and counteract health damage at an early stage.

Can fasting promote permanent weight loss?

Under chamfering one understands the partial or complete renunciation on solid food supply and luxury food for a certain period of time. There are various forms of fasting, which differ from each other in terms of tradition and objective. Accordingly, they are also very differently suitable for the goal of permanent weight loss. Fasting is aimed primarily at healthy, younger adults. Children and adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and the elderly or chronically ill should not fast or should fast only on medical advice and under medical supervision.

– At Healing fasting is understood a fasting form, by which body, spirit and soul are to be cleaned. A therapeutic fasting period can last between one and several weeks and takes place under medical supervision. During this period, the intake of solid food is dispensed with. After the fasting phase, the body is gradually reintroduced to a normal intake of food. Especially if fasting is accompanied by a conscious change in diet, it can make a positive contribution to permanent weight reduction.

Alkaline fasting refers to a form of fasting in which the food intake is reduced to fruits, vegetables and herbs. On the other hand on all other, the so-called acid-forming food is renounced. It aims to deacidify the body and lose weight while providing the body with plenty of vitamins and fiber. The success of a weight reduction through alkaline fasting depends not least on whether it is possible to balance the diet after the fasting period. Fasting called. Here food phases alternate. Fasting phases in fixed cycles from. Here food phases alternate. Fasting phases in fixed cycles from. The intervals can be completely differently arranged. One of the most common forms is the interval fasting 16:8, where each day is divided into 16 continuous fasting hours and 8 hours at which food can be eaten. If, for example, the eating phase is set from 10:00 to 18:00, the remaining hours are considered a fasting phase. During these only few calories should be taken in. Another common form is 5:2 interval fasting. Here on 5 weekdays normally is eaten. In addition, 2 fasting days are taken every week. These do not necessarily have to follow each other. Also the Essens-. Fasting days vary. Intermittent fasting, unlike most other forms of fasting, is designed to be a permanent diet. An essential Criticism at this method is however that it does not provide any nourishing defaults for the meal phases and therefore not necessarily with a healthy nourishing conversion is connected. Therefore the long-term success of a weight reduction remains strongly dependent on the individual eating habits.

Beside the fasting forms mentioned there are numerous further variants of fasting. Who intends to lose weight with the help of fasting, should always make sure to keep his body fit by sufficient exercise. This applies particularly, since a strongly reduced supply of protein during the chamfering leads not only to a fat reduction, but also to a muscle dismantling in the body.

Slimming pills are to be enjoyed with large caution!

Fast decrease without large own expenditure. This promise goes above all from different diet pills from which can be found on the market. Mostly it concerns so-called food auxiliary means, which are permitted without the controls, which a medicament must go through. Food supplements are quite suitable to compensate for certain deficiencies in important nutrients. As an exclusive food source, however, they are completely inadequate.

Expressly must be warned at this point before numerous preparations, which are driven out as medicaments without permission over Internet. Cause damage. lead to death in extreme cases.

Alternative medicine methods for weight loss

Beside diets, sport and chamfering wait a whole row Alternative medical methods with the promise of permanent weight reduction to. Treatment to a change of eating-. Habits offered. These should be subconsciously anchored by the hypnosis. So easier to maintain. This is to promote the sustainability of weight loss.

– Also Acupuncture is practiced as a supportive supplement to a change in eating habits according to an individual diet plan. By the acupuncture co-ordinated with the patient should on the one hand Digestive processes stimulated become. On the other hand for example with ill eating behavior stabilizing points can be taken into the goal. The German Medical Association for Acupuncture recommends this method to support weight loss, especially for severely overweight people and patients with addictive eating behavior.

– In the area of homeopathic remedies numerous globuli or Schussler salts are offered as aids for losing weight. These can either aim to promote the metabolic activities of the body. Or they are aimed at curbing appetite and cravings. Those who aspire to lose weight with the help of homeopathic remedies should discuss this with their attending physician in order to find a preparation suitable for their individual needs.

Weight loss tips: Which home remedies promote fat burning?

As we have seen, there are numerous programs aimed at reducing body weight. If you prefer to help yourself in your everyday life with little tricks, you can go to simple home remedies fall back on, which can positively support weight loss.

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