Magnetic field therapy application procedure effect netdoctor

Manuela Mai studied medicine at the universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. After her studies she gained clinical experience in gynecology, pathology and clinical pharmacology. She is especially interested in the big connections that lead to diseases – also beyond conventional medicine. She completed additional training in classical homeopathy as well as ear and skull acupuncture.

Magnetic field therapy is a naturopathic treatment method. Magnets or electrically generated magnetic fields are used, among other things, to inhibit inflammation, relieve pain or support healing. Some athletes also swear by a metabolism-. Circulation-promoting effect of the magnetic field therapy. Read here when a magnetic field treatment can help, how it works and how the treatment works exactly.

magnetic field therapy application procedure effect netdoctor

What is magnetic field therapy?

Magnetic field therapy belongs to the naturopathic treatment methods. Only a few minutes of contact with artificially generated magnetic currents are said to be sufficient to trigger healing processes in the body.

For this purpose, the therapist usually uses a pulsating magnetic field, which is generated with the help of special electrical therapy devices. In addition, it is also treated with magnets, which are applied or worn in the form of a bracelet.

The electromagnetic impulses are intended to normalize disturbed cell functions and promote healing processes.

The areas of application for magnetic field therapy are manifold. It is especially often used for the treatment of orthopedic disorders. Inflammatory complaints applied – from back pain to rheumatism. Depending on the findings, the effect shows quickly or only after a few weeks.

Although various forms of magnetic field therapy are used with success in some hospitals and increasingly in doctors' offices, there is as yet no accepted, scientific evidence for the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy.

How does magnetic field therapy work?

Magnetic field therapy is based on the amption that the cells of the body can be influenced by electromagnetic impulses. In fact, numerous processes in the body are based on electrical processes, including the heartbeat, the function of the nerve cells, but also various metabolic processes. Electric charges are also effective in the individual cells of the body. If these are disturbed, the cell function is impaired, so the conception. Her energy supply deteriorates. The removal of waste products slows down.

With the help of magnetic field therapy disturbed electrical processes are supposed to be realigned. The function of sick and inactive cells is normalized, healing processes are supported.

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