Marketing hospital communication strategies

Marketing in hospitals: Good to see you! Whatever has brought you here, you have come to the right place.

Marketing strategies for clinics, hospitals, patients and employees We are your advertising agency for employee recruitment, targeted online marketing, corporate design and efficient marketing activities for care facilities, clinics and hospitals.

We are facing major upheavals in society and in the healthcare market, not only because of Corona. And advertising is not a solution! We need to improve public relations. Rethinking hospital marketing.

Healthcare strategy: Lack of authenticity is an expensive pleasure

However, restraint in health care has little to do with modesty, but rather with a major focus in the work of care the future: Authenticity. "Trumpeting accomplishments is the biggest misconception in advertising and image. How innovative am I if I have to keep saying it in communication / advertising? How strategic am I if I have to say it all the time?

I am by no means a mechanic just because I wear a blue overalls. And I am far from being a brand just because I hire a brand management agency!"There is a big difference between what you pretend to be and what you are and can do. Crucial is this difference about the credibility of communication. That could be called "brand management. Unfortunately, the term has been used up by many in recent years!"

Although our home is the B2B world, as an advertising and marketing agency we have also been serving companies such as hospitals, charitable institutions and health centers for over 10 years, and have thus become a sought-after partner for business management, marketing and branding. Management: Ask for our best cases! Ask for strategies, also online. For clinic. Hospital. Hospital marketing: Developing marketing strategies for the hospital. Hospitals Our rule: Don't do anything for the garbage can!Our claim: We work sustainably. We bear a damned high responsibility. Our work as an advertising agency for hospitals and care facilities is decisive for your success on the healthcare market Healthcare market. That's why we don't do anything that we don't stand behind, and that we can't justify to your facility and your employees in ten years' time.

Development in hospitals: We prove what it brings. Also for your care facility

We see it as our duty to make the efficiency, effectiveness and benefits of our value-creating work measurable, analyzable and clearly demonstrable, continuously and everywhere. This is the only way to prove success! This is marketing in clinics and hospitals, for a better image for employees, visitors, patients, doctors and stakeholders.

Let's talk plainMost offers on the health care market are comparable, or even mostly interchangeable. That's why we work to find what's special about your hospital or care facility and clearly highlight why it's special. We don't communicate for the sake of communicating, but to show your market, potential employees and your competition why your facility is the best, whether it's a clinic or a care facility. Brand is the good reputation, this is to be paid attention to. And that's what hospital marketing must do. Anchored in the communication concept. / Marketing development for the staff, patients, employees& the hospital. That is why branding is so significant.

Clinic marketing for hospitals: New ways in public relations in the health care market requires courage. This also, or especially, applies to hospital marketing. We work in a world in which communication and advertising take place around the clock on all channels. Of course, this doesn't make it any easier to stand out with messages and stand out from the crowd in the healthcare marketplace. Here is the marketing. The branding demanded.

If you want to be competitive today and penetrate increasingly complex markets, you need communications that work across the board and deliver results. With effective content that achieves more for your brand. And that is exactly what we do.

We are brave to go new ways with you. Because we are convinced that good marketing needs courage and character. Who today as hospital, hospital or care facility sharply distinguishes itself, attitude shows, its achievement self-confidently represents, is noticed on the market also accordingly uniquely. This creates success. That is sales in clinic marketing. This is also marketing for patients and staff in the hospital and clinic.

Marketing strategies and clinic marketing for the clinic | hospital | patients | employees So that we understand each other correctly: We are not a classic advertising agency. We are experts for your hospital marketing.

We see ourselves as an equal partner to management and as an overarching communications agency for hospital marketing, which has been advising and supporting companies and employers in all matters relating to successful hospital marketing for over 10 years. For this, we combine expert knowledge in the areas of communication, creation, online, trade fair, film and PR – for your entrepreneurial expertise, also for your hospital. We optimize.

Marketing in the hospital: We are not interested in puffery or arbitrary banter. We think. Develop further. And do not lose sight of what makes your brand strong. Our principle is not to rush headlong, but to consider which strategies and tools we can use to achieve your goals in the long term. To this end, we design and communicate concise content that contributes to the competitiveness of your hospital or care facility through strong differentiation, targeted reach, efficient interaction and individual presence, and thus to your brand Management and its marketing supports.

We are convinced that care institutions from the healthcare sector can achieve much more with courage and commitment. To this end, we work with you to develop entrepreneurial, communicative strengths for your success.

marketing hospital communication strategies

Branding: Strategic marketing for clinics and hospitals, also online.

Our topics and services in the field of strategy, corporate design, online marketing and public relations:

Public Relations Development Strategy:

We want you to stand out in this world with your messages and stand out from the broad mass of hospitals, clinics and care facilities. Think alone about employee recruitment!. With a reputation-boosting strategy, we ensure that your customers' expectations and experiences become an emotion that makes you likeable. The brand itself reflects the sum of your services. To impose ideas on you from the outside is useless, but the content of the communication must be worked out from your own environment. Become an attractive employer.

Only in this way will your brand strategy have a lasting effect from the inside out. And forms the basis for the service to the people and patients as well as (potential) employees to inspire permanently. Think of your employee recruitment in the health care market, the shortage of skilled nursing staff is the key ie at all.

Public relations: Convincing credibility.

Your hospital, clinic or care facility has a lot to tell – use it strategically. This should resonate with customers, employees, visitors, patients, physicians, nursing staff and stakeholders and especially with professionals (shortage of skilled nursing staff). To do this, some messages need to be reinforced or elaborated on. For others, the right communication channels can be used directly, quickly and professionally. Our PR consultants will work with you to develop the appropriate Strategy for your goals. Content PR, storytelling, employer PR (employer branding) are key terms of our work. But basically, it's simply about communicating your (company) stories, your strengths and values authentically and effectively.

We use and expand our relationships with influencers and multipliers for you, bring your services to the trade press and regional press, communicate your corporate values to potential applicants, develop communication concepts for social media with you, negotiate and plan your media budget, put you in the right light in press interviews and ensure that the new ie of your employee or patient magazine is eagerly awaited by readers. Of course, we will also be happy to act as moderators or keynote speakers at your industry event. We work to build trusting relationships with your patients, visitors, employees and their stakeholders – in all channels and forms of communication. We stand up for better marketing activities in hospitals. With strategic clinic marketing one will differentiate oneself in the market, hygiene factor for hospital and clinic.

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