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Mauke occurs in the fetlock bend of the horse and shows itself by damp, partly purulent weeping places, which often itch. In extreme cases, swelling may occur in these areas. Then the horse should not be ridden. In borderline cases, the veterinarian should be consulted, who can say whether the horse can continue to be ridden.

Mildew is a bacterial inflammation, caused on the one hand by disposition and on the other hand by bad keeping conditions and an unfavorable feeding. Poor husbandry conditions include damp paddocks and an unclean damp stall. These causes must be avoided first of all, respectively. to eliminate, if it is a question of preventing the Mauke. Regularly sprinkle the box with quality bedding.

You can find a whole range of bedding in our shop. You can also find other helpful products in our stable hygiene section. Of course, regular care is also the best way to prevent mallenders. Just look around in our section grooming stuff.

In addition we recommend a look in the departments skin care and coat care. Here you will find everything for external application. However, when cleaning the affected areas, make sure that they are handled with extreme care. It is not recommended to scrape off the crusts, as this will only cause new inflammation.

On a feeding basis, the following products may be helpful:

Agrobs Zinc Pure: Organically bound zinc is the skin support par excellence and also recommended for mallenders. It also supports the immune system, which is also very helpful with an infection like the mallenders.

Equipur – Zinc Forte: The supplementary feed with highly effective, organic zinc, in addition with selenium.

Speed Biotin -plus Zinc: The zinc supply with biotin, for the damaged skin and a healthy hair growth.

For the hygiene in the horse box:

Stalosan F: The most popular product when it comes to box hygiene and ammonia containment. Stalosan reduces ammonia, bacteria, viruses, fungi u.a. Microorganisms. Bring into the box, thereby the instructions of the manufacturer follow.

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