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Welcome to Wedeleit Health Care Management Service!

We see ourselves as a management partner in the healthcare industry, working with you to develop and implement contemporary models.

We have many years of experience in trusting cooperation with our partners and clients in the healthcare sector. The quality of our work has just been confirmed with the quality seal "Top Consultant 2020". But look for yourself and let us convince you:

It's often about the thing, but always about people!

medical technology medizin it wedeleit health care management service

It is our goal to implement innovative changes and meaningful realignments in the regional health care system. Entire clinics, companies, functional areas or even individual organizational and process changes are supported and accompanied by us positively, sustainably and based on clear values.

Against the background of the political and economic situation in the healthcare market, there is a great deal of prere to change. The resulting rapid development of demand for cost containment and rationalization in the health care sector gives rise to complex and dynamic restructuring processes.

Mission Statement

We consciously focus our attention on fairness and mutual trust. In order to do this, we are subject to ethical guidelines that determine our offers and our work and place us at the service of our customers.

Appreciation and respect for individual human life and the promotion of a positive image of humanity are particularly important to us. We are sure that just on this basis an optimized and fair cooperation will be possible. All for the success of a project put on offers of this kind carry the stamp "co-operation instead of confrontation.

Our commitment to our business partners is to work in a "solution-oriented, rather than conflict-oriented" manner. We have learned and implemented this thoroughly over many years.

Finally – and this is unusual – we bring a mature and mature form of dialogue to the different processes, because we know that this is the only way to avoid the defectiveness, shortness and hecticness that are deplored in many places.

In addition to business management and corporate strategy aspects, it is ultimately about your patient who is seeking healing and whom we would like to help in this way, albeit only indirectly, but with the intensity possible for us.

Company profile and orientation

Patient processes in both inpatient and outpatient care are undergoing changes in the par. 116 SGB V and much more, a new development.

In addition, the Contractual Physicians Amendment Act offers versatile opportunities for structural realignment for medical service providers. The dynamization of outpatient/inpatient dovetailing and cooperation, towards genuine integrated care structures, is clearly noticeable and is one of our core topics.

Projects for dovetailing outpatient and inpatient health care always require particularly professional management. For the bi-directional transfer and balancing of individual motivational impulses and interests of involved partners, the cross-sectoral translation and external moderation is an essential success factor.

For us, professional means above all: dialogue and goal-oriented, diplomatic, thorough, sustainable and truthful. From a supplier of a service, becomes an authentic management partner.

Due to our high level of experience in the combination of competence and ethics, we are able to successfully cover this challenging area.

The vision

– We see ourselves as a management partner in the health care industry and know the goals, expectations, language, ways of thinking and processes of our customers.

– Our goals for increasing efficiency, quality, productivity and profitability in the development and realization of our projects are derived from the individual goals. We make our success the success of our partners in the health care industry.

The Mission

– Through the systematic development and realization of innovative concepts in the health care industry, we help shape the health care market in Germany.

– Through sustainable management of new organizational and supply structures, we optimize and increase the economic performance and prestige of our customers.

– We contribute to the optimal benefit for patients and service providers by taking into account political and social framework conditions.

– We gain the trust of our customers through credibility.

Target groups

– Clinics and hospitals – specialist centers, medical centers and medical care centers – large practices and practice networks – industrial partners in medicine and the health care industry

Our goal is to support our customers in the optimal depth of service in a qualified and fair way. Our business model is built on keeping our organization lean. Project and customer-specific content experts from our close network, in combination with our know-how, are then assembled into project teams and controlled by us.

This is also part of our determination and competence to implement the goals and visions together with our customers. With its powerful consulting team, Wedeleit Health Care Management Service has established itself in the market today. Is professionally positioned with the location in Hamburg-Schnelsen.

Due to our own team structure and many years of project experience in the healthcare sector, we are also able to take on challenging project requirements and implement them successfully.

We face the project requirements as a core team and form powerful competence teams together with our associated partners and content experts from our partner network as required.

Rainhard Wedeleit
Managing Partner

medical technology medicine it wedeleit health care management service

Felicitas Engel Junior Consultant

medical technology medicine it wedeleit health care management service

Mr Rainhard Wedeleit is managing partner of Health Care Management Service, Rainhard Wedeleit GmbH.

Based on 30 years of experience in the field of medicine and medical technology in various functions, u. a. Sales, marketing, IT business management and management -lastly as Executive and Vice-President- Mr. Wedeleit brings a high degree of interdisciplinary process and management experience to the table. Reorganization, process orientation and result consciousness have always been of major importance in this context.


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