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Meditation in everyday life.

Fill up with energy.

Meditation moves more and more into the focus of science. Because it has long been shown that regular immersion in the inner worlds brings many positive effects with it. Cortisol levels, cholesterol levels and blood prere can be lowered. Stress and anxiety levels decrease and migraine attacks decrease. A positive effect of meditation has also been well proven for chronic pain and depression. It is particularly impressive that even the brain changes, which can now be objectively proven thanks to modern neuroscientific methods. If these aren't reasons enough to give it a try? Breathe in, breathe out . off you go.

The power of silence.

Everywhere you hear about the positive effects of meditation. However, there are so incredibly many techniques that it can be difficult for a beginner to decide. Should you now follow your breath? Look at a white wall? Or better speak a mantra? Every person is different. And that is why not every form of meditation is equally suitable for everyone. So only one thing helps: try it out! We present three methods that, with a little practice, will help you achieve more inner peace and serenity.

1. Walking meditation

Walk, breathe, smile: in walking meditation you direct your attention fully to the present moment. Put one foot in front of the other very slowly, preferably barefoot or in comfortable shoes. Your gaze is directed downward without looking at anything in particular. Hands are next to the body or loosely clasped behind the back.

More to yourself with each step.
Try to be completely with the movement: feel how your feet touch the ground, how they roll and start for the next step. Also notice your breath and check your facial expression again and again: is your face serious and tense? Then gently correct yourself and look friendly – this is also an important part of the exercise and has a noticeable effect. Avoid getting hung up on possible results. When you notice that you are getting impatient, or other feelings or thoughts are rising in you, just notice without judging: Aha, there is impatience, there is doubt, there is the shopping list for tomorrow . okay, let's move on. Keep moving, take it one step at a time, and watch what happens with unintentional attention. Start with 5 minutes of slow walking. Increase later to 15 to 20 minutes or even more.

In walking meditation, you are in a state of relaxed concentration. This way you can neither dwell on the past nor on the future with worrying thoughts. And this is exactly the trick ;-). You are completely with yourself, in your own center. And so can deep calm. Set clarity.

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