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Lifestyle magazine Men's Health is the personal advisor for the modern man. On the topics of sports and fitness, partnership and eroticism, health and nutrition, fashion, style, career and travel, Men's Health provides its readers with concrete useful information – the latest research findings, the best tips, the most valuable expert advice. Men's Health helps its readers increase their physical well-being, enjoyment of life and personal confidence.

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Men's Health subscription: Simply strong!

Since 1995, Men's Health magazine has been delighting male readers in German-speaking countries once a month. The magazine addresses all the topics that interest real guys: Health and fitness are just as much the focus of Men's Health as lifestyle, partnership and nutrition. Discover the diverse topics that captivate modern men with a subscription to Men's Health!

Men's Health subscription: health and fitness

As the magazine's name suggests, Men's Health is all about male health. Health: this includes both a healthy and balanced diet and a high level of physical activity and fitness. Men's Health is dedicated to all these extensive topics every month. Learn valuable tips and tricks about workouts in the renowned lifestyle magazine: Whether sculpting and shaping muscles or building endurance – Men's Health gives effective tips – from men for men.

Health, sport and nutrition are significantly interrelated. Add zest to your kitchen with a subscription to Men's Health! Innovative recipe ideas and colorful new creations provide variety on the plate and a healthy diet is included at the same time. Order a subscription to Men's Health and work on your body exactly the way you want to!

Lifestyle and partnership with Men's Health by subscription

Men's Health is not only a magazine for health and fitness, but also brings a pinch of variety, lifestyle and entertainment directly to your home every month. Let Men's Health motivate you to give it your all. Whether at work, in your free time or on vacation – Men's Health provides plenty of variety and inspiration in everyday life with well-researched stories, witty columns and exciting portraits.

The monthly magazine for men also deals with the serious ies of life: whether love, partnership, sexuality or separation – everything to do with these profound questions finds a place in Men's Health, as does light-hearted entertainment. Enjoy a wide-ranging compilation of varied topics for men with a subscription to Men's Health and order your personal subscription now!

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