Multiple sclerosis ms outpatient clinic alexianer potsdam

Continuous and intensive careThe diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is serious, but in no way means an end to quality of life. Of course there are phases in which the MS becomes noticeable by different symptoms. Together with you, we would like to see the disease as an opportunity to consciously take control of life with the disease and to make responsible decisions.

Therapy offers

In relapses, we usually offer cortisone treatments on an outpatient basis. In severe cases, we also perform blood washing (plasmapheresis) under inpatient conditions. We provide advice and training on all aspects of relapse prevention with immunomodulatory therapies. We ie prescriptions, carry out the necessary safety checks and monitor the success of treatment during the course of treatment. Patients who need their MS medication in the form of an infusion can easily obtain it from us.

We offer symptomatic therapy z. B. for spasticity, gait disorders, bladder disorders, fatigue and depression. The entire spectrum of drug treatment is available, including intrathecal cortisone therapy (Volon A ® ), botulinum toxin injections or implantation of a baclofen pump.


For the symptomatic treatment of spasticity and gait disorders in particular, it is essential to provide patients with physiotherapy and aids. Here, too, the outpatient clinic is not subject to any budgeting, so that medical necessity is the sole criterion for prescription. If desired, the outpatient services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can be offered at the St. Joseph's Hospital can be used.

Social service

Our social service offers advice and assistance with all socio-medical aspects of multiple sclerosis, z.B. on the topics:

– Rehabilitation – Severe disability – Mark G, aG – Earning capacity – Need for care – Psychosocial support

DMSG as a partner

We work closely with the Brandenburg regional association of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG). Twice a year, we jointly offer information events for patients in which we provide generally understandable information on new medical developments in multiple sclerosis.

The open MS-Cafe meets every 1. Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. in the lounge in front of ward St. Luke. Here MS patients have the opportunity to exchange experiences.


To start treatment we need a referral from a general practitioner. On the referral slip is “Treatment according to §116 b” and “Special outpatient clinic for multiple sclerosis, Alexianer St. Joseph's Hospital Potsdam” to be noted.


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