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PressTough Mudder in two days – fortunately, reporter Christian Saftig got a realistic assessment of his condition in advance through "My Health Manager – the Diagnostic Tool." !NO WAY! – in two days the risk would be too high, but with a sound training plan he is due in two and a half months! Everyday life in Germany, especially for the male species: wanting to know it all over again, going full throttle and pushing the body to the limits. In many cases a risky undertaking. Because there is an explanation why many lie flat for one or two weeks after a marathon or a Tough Mudder. The bad physical condition. Here, above all, the limited ability to work under prere. Both can be trained if you know where to start. You also have a goal, want to implement a snap idea? Take a sound approach and get tested at one of our certified partners: MGM locations

ARD Eins Festival

Saturday 19. Decemeber 2015

May I or may I not

For the umpteenth time, the Public Lawyers rely on the expertise of Valitudo management Peter Rohr and Daniel Rothmund and the test concept "My Health Manager" developed by them. In the transmission concept of the ARD and the WDR "may I or may I not" accompany the two managing directors and u.a. the ski jumping legend Sven Hannawald two women, the scientifically based and valid test concept "My health manager" as they can not be more different.

Sat 19.12.2015 08:35-09:20 Einsfestival

Thu 17.12.2015 09:45-10:30 Einsfestival

Thu 17.12.2015 06:15-07:00 Einsfestival

Wed 16.12.2015 15:45-16:30 Einsfestival

Monday, 1. June 2015, 20.15 – 21.00 o'clock

May I. not to be perfect?

A career woman who does a lot of sports and optimizes her daily routine is confronted with a woman who likes to cut herself some slack. Are you a burden on the health care system if you let yourself go from time to time?? Or are you on the verge of burnout when you only optimize yourself and want to do everything perfectly?? Two lifestyles collide. The two women go through each other's daily lives and learn how extreme one may really be in one direction or the other.

Radio Bielefeld

Friday, 8. May 2015, 06.00 – 10.00 o'clock

Which sports course is the right one for me?

Timo Teichler tested four sports courses this week: Crossfitness, Aquapower, EMS and abdominal-leg buttocks. Which course however for the own body the correct is that Timo said today a device, the task force monitor.He let himself be wired by Daniel Rothmund and Peter Rohr. You can find such a device z.B. at the INJOY Fitness Studio, Sportland Dornberg.

WDR Local Time OWL

Monday, 19. January 2015, 19.30 – 20.00 o'clock

"Fit into 2015" is the resolution of reporter Jorg Brokel.

"Fit into 2015" is the resolution of our reporter Jorg Brokel. First he wants to know how fit he is in the first place. For this we go to a studio in Bielefeld Sennestadt. Here offer the studio with "My health manager" a cardiovascular check with "NASA technology to.

My health manager index

Fitness& Health

"Knowledge creates quality" 04/2014, S. 104-105.

The "My Health Manager" Concept

The body of research on the positive effects of exercise is clear. Unfortunately, the transfer of the training benefits into the daily training routine is still too seldom successful and clients do not reach their goals. With scientific know-how and state-of-the-art medical technology, the "My Health Manager" concept offers a tool for well-founded control and optimization of your training planning. MGM offers training support an interface to science. Unfortunately, the sustainable transfer into the daily training routine still succeeds too seldom and too many customers do not reach their goals: Mostly, the link between diagnostics and training planning is missing, but also unrealistic goals and insufficient information by the customers about their health status are success killers.

My health manager index

WDR At home and on the road

Friday, 11. October 2013, 16.15 – 18.00 o'clock

Not just for musclemen. Weight training is better than its reputation

Ulla Schwalenstocker, 53, has been doing strength training regularly for two years and it has completely changed her life. Whereas many everyday activities such as climbing stairs used to be difficult for her due to her heart problems, high blood prere and diabetes, she now has less pain, is more mobile and fitter thanks to muscle training. Here's how she can get back to life, she tells us.

In order for the training to be targeted, the actual condition should always be determined at the beginning, only then can the correct exercise selection and dosage take place and the training also unfold its profitable effects.

Ulla has managed to reach her goals, and Prof. Elke Zimmermann (Sports Medicine, University of Bielefeld) and the Valitudo team show how this can be achieved. Dr. med. Elke Zimmermann (University of Bielefeld) and the developers of "My Health Manager" Peter Rohr and Daniel Rothmund (both Valitudo) in a contribution in the WDR – broadcast "Daheim und unterwegs" (Home and Away).

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ARD Health Advisor

Saturday, 9. March 2013 17:03 – 17:30

Weight training – only something for vain or medicine for the body?

Can muscle training be healthy? To this day, many people believe that weight training is only for bodybuilders, and that endurance sports are much better for your health. But is it really true? Who makes a big bow around Fitnessstudios, does not necessarily a favor to its health.

The foundation for a healthy future can be laid through a well-founded diagnosis and a training plan based on it.

How it works is shown by Prof. Dr. med. Elke Zimmermann (Sports Medicine, University of Bielefeld) and the team of Valitudo with the innovative and scientifically based concept "My Health Manager" in the ARD health advisor.

My health manager index

BR Health


Weight training is better than its reputation

While medical science used to believe that strength training was not for sick and weak people, experts such as sports medicine Prof. Dr. Muscle exercises can benefit. Of course you should not overdo it. Weight training should also be done only in consultation with trained coaches. One should not overdo it thereby naturally. Weight training should also only be done in consultation with trained coaches.

The right dosage determines success – but how do you determine this?. With the scientifically based concept "My Health Manager", the actual condition is determined, then the training planning is based on it.

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