Naturopathy and alternative medicine

Naturopathy: Natural remedies for diseases and ailments

alternative healing methods: Viewing the whole organism

The nose runs, the head hurts, the tonsils are swollen – often we resort to medicines from conventional medicine to counteract the complaints. More and more people are also interested in naturopathy. Natural medicine considers the People as a whole. The goal is to to bring the organism back into balance, in order to activate the self-healing powers of the body. And indeed: natural remedies such as fennel tea or onion compresses can also help. In part, the effect of natural remedies is even proven.

Naturopathy includes various methods of therapy that do not use any technical aids and are based on the Principle of self-healing of the body put. Preferably, these alternative healing methods make use of substances and stimuli that occur in nature, such as heat or exercise.


The core of osteopathy is that every part of the body needs to function optimally Freedom of movement needed. If the mobility is limited, it comes, according to teachings of the Osteopathie, to Tie tension, which in turn leads to Functional disorders and thus can lead to different diseases. The osteopath therefore focuses on the one hand on the mobility of the body as a whole, and on the other hand also on the movements of the ties themselves. The whole body is scanned for this with the hands, to to detect restrictions of movement and to treat.

Nevertheless it comes both with chronic diseases as well as Accompanying therapy for acute complaints to use. However, if a person's illness has progressed to the point where organs or ties have been severely destroyed and their function considerably restricted, this damage can no longer be reversed with homeopathy. Patients must also be able to describe their complaints precisely in order to receive treatment.


In the western culture mostly used for wellness purposes, Ayurveda in Asia, especially in India, has long been a recognized healing method. Also in Germany Ayurveda finds more and more followers. In the teachings of Ayurveda, the human being is seen as a holistic system. In addition, it takes into account the relationship of the organism with nature and the environment. Diseases are attributed to a wrong nutrition, too much Stress or emotional stress back.


Acupuncture is based on the traditional Asian idea that the body is healed by the Life energy Qi energy flows through. According to this teaching, a person is healthy when energy flows harmoniously. If blockages occur, the person becomes ill. Acupuncture is supposed to remove these blockages by inserting fine needles into the body.

Naturopathy and alternative medicine


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Medicinal plant teas, baths, poultices, medicines made from plant extracts: In phytotherapy, diseases are treated with herbal agents treats. More than 20.000 plant species are used for the production of medicines. However, single substances are never used, but always an Combination of the various individual substances of a plant. Correctly dosed, herbal remedies are free of undesirable side effects. Unlike homeopathic remedies, their efficacy must be proven. They are subject to testing in the same way as drugs of conventional medicine.

Unlike conventional medicines Natural medicine work in the long term. The effect of herbal medicines usually does not set in immediately, but only after several days of ingestion, when a sufficient amount of active substances has accumulated in the body.


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