Neurodermatitis in children

Neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) in childrenNeurodermatitis is the most common chronic skin disease in children. Particularly distressing for the child is the associated itching.

In an acute episode the eczema can extend to the entire skin. Since itching is difficult to control, scratching can allow bacteria and viruses to enter the damaged skin and cause infections.

Often there is an improvement in the skin condition from toddler age onwards. However, children who have or have had atopic dermatitis have an increased risk of developing other allergic diseases such as hay fever or asthma later in life.

Not every skin irritation means atopic dermatitis

Not every skin irritation is the same as neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis). However, if you notice skin changes in your infant or child, you should first observe the child closely for some time.

An atopic dermatitis can be indicated,

– if you as parents or siblings of the child already have an allergic disease or have had one in the past, – if your child has to scratch frequently and the skin areas are noticeably itchy, – if the eczema recurs over a longer period of time, – if stress and other influencing factors, such as weather, vaccinations, teething, infections, sweating, clothing, special foods, creams or detergents worsen the skin condition.

If any or all of the above signs apply to your child, you should talk to your pediatrician. It would be an advantage if they were also allergists.


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