New every year. For every aok insured

Additional health benefits with the AOK health accountIn addition to the statutory benefits, your AOK offers you additional health benefits through various programs. You can get this bonus from the AOK.

Receiving reimbursements for additional services

Osteopathy, special preventive examinations for pregnant women or alternative healing methods – not all health services are reimbursed within the framework of the statutory benefits catalog.

With the health account and similar programs of your AOK, we offer you the opportunity – for example, in return for a healthy lifestyle or within a certain budget – to receive certain additional benefits. Program content and names vary by region:

– Health account at the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg, the AOK Hessen and the AOK Nordost – Health benefit at the AOK Bayern – 750 € PLUS at the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven – 500-Euro health budget at the AOK NordWest – HEALTH ACCOUNT at the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt.

The AOK Nordwest offers you the 500 Euro health budget

New every year. for every aok insured person

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Use the 500 Euro health budget of the AOK NordWest and invest in your well-being – uncomplicated, flexible and individual.

It's simple: here's how the health budget works

You decide which additional services you would like to use from the 500 Euro health budget. New every year. For every AOK-insured person. And then it's our turn: AOK NordWest covers 80 percent of the costs for these additional services. For professional dental cleanings, we reimburse up to two treatments per calendar year, up to 50 euros each. A limit on bills of 80 v. H. of the costs are not. However, the benefit of professional dental cleaning is counted toward the AOK health budget in the amount of 500 euros per calendar year.

You have the choice

As a member of AOK NordWest, you decide for yourself how to use your personal health budget. You can take advantage of additional benefits worth a total of 500 euros from the following areas.


Osteopathy is a form of manual pain treatment. In the spirit of gentle therapy, osteopaths do not use injections, medications or medical devices. Instead they solve physical blockades on natural way. You can use your AOK health budget for the treatment costs*. The osteopathic treatments must be carried out by service providers with proof of successfully completed training in the theory of osteopathy. Practice according to the recommendations of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft fur Osteopathie (BAO).

For reimbursement, you need a doctor's certificate of medical necessity for the treatment, for example on a private prescription. As an exception, we will still reimburse costs incurred in 2019 without this medical certificate. In 2020, a doctor's prescription is required for reimbursement if osteopathy is provided by alternative practitioners or physiotherapists.

Professional dental cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning can be a useful supplement to careful oral hygiene. It not only ensures a beautiful smile, but also prevents gum infections, for example. As part of the AOK health budget, the AOK NordWest will pay for up to two treatments per calendar year, up to a maximum of 50 euros each.

Protective vaccinations

Travel vaccinations reduce the risk of falling ill on vacation. Simply use your AOK health budget for recommended travel vaccinations – for example against TBE, malaria, rabies, yellow fever or hepatitis A/B. Also the cost of HPV vaccination for women. Men over the age of 18 can be billed via the health budget.

Pregnancy and childbirth

The AOK health budget is particularly interesting for insured persons who are in the family planning phase. In one of the most exciting phases of life, it is especially important to be well insured. Through the health budget, the AOK NordWest will reimburse you for a whole range of extra prenatal and birth care services:

– 24-hour on-call service of a licensed midwife – birth preparation course for the partner(s) insured with an AOK Please note that the mother is insured with AOK NordWest and the father or partner of the expectant child is insured with AOK NordWest or another state AOK. Good to know: AOK insurance is no longer required for childbirth preparation courses starting in 2022 for the accompaniment. – Pharmacy-only, non-prescription drugs for pregnant women with the active ingredients folic acid, iron and magnesium as monopreparations or combination preparations, which have been prescribed by the contract physician by private prescription. Please note that these are not dietary supplements. – as special examinations the B-streptococcus test, determination of antibodies against ringworm and chickenpox, products for a pH-value self-test, cytomegaly and toxoplasmosis test. – Accommodation of an AOK-insured accompanying person in the hospital's family room. Important: For deliveries from 2022, AOK insurance is not required for the accompanying person.

Alternative medicines

Even if you rely on alternative medicines, the AOK health budget is just right for you. Within the budget, the AOK NordWest will reimburse you for pharmacy-only, non-prescription drugs of homeopathy, anthroposophy and phytotherapy. The prerequisite is that these drugs are prescribed by a doctor on a private prescription and obtained from the pharmacy and are not excluded from the supply.

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