News about pharmacy and health 1

Look for a specific drug? In the database of you will find. Enter the name or the active substance of the drug.

Drug database: Now with new features

Search for a specific medicine? In the database of you will find what you are looking for. Enter the name or the active ingredient of the drug.

New now: with package insert for download and pictures of the drugs

News about pharmacy and health 1

The Pharmacies Magazine

Ie from 02. May 2022

Dealing with alcohol: A fine line

People who don't drink alcohol are sometimes looked at strangely, even though the possible health risks are well known. Can we judge well when we drink too much? And at what point alcohol harms the body? Read more in the cover article of the current ie of Apotheken Magazin.

You can read the following articles of this ie online:

– May 2022 competition – Max Giesinger talks about his digital time-out – Cyberbullying: Attack from the net – Plaster customer: Which plaster for which problem??

Tips from the pharmacist

How to prevent colds? What helps with nasty insect bites, dry eyes and hay fever? Are there tricks to swallow tablets more easily? For pharmacists as drug experts regularly answer these and many other questions.

Covid 19 vaccination

Everything about vaccines, side effects etc.

The body needs sufficient vitamins and minerals, but of course also fat and carbohydrates, to stay healthy and efficient. Read here how much of it is necessary and which foods are good sources.

The medicinal plant encyclopedia from shows the most important facts about more than 130 medicinal plants.

– Co-payment calculator – Drug database – Health encyclopedia

Co-payment calculator

If you are a member of a public health insurance, you can use the calculator to determine how high your annual burden limit for co-payments is. If your own contribution for prescription fees etc. exceeds the amount of the neck, you will have to pay for it. this amount, you can apply to your health insurance company for a co-payment exemption.

Drug database

Look for a specific medicine? In the database of you will find. Enter the name or the active ingredient of the medicine. Alternatively, you can also search for diseases. The database provides suitable medicines.

Diseases A-Z

Do you know about health? If you would like to know even more or are looking for specific information about diseases and their treatment, this online reference work is the right place for you.


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