Nils glagau private wife and twins this is how the dhdl star lives today

Nils Glagau in private: wife and twins! This is how the DHDL star lives todayNils Glagau has been a member of "Die Hohle der Lowen" since the sixth season on board as investor. But the high-flyer from the Rhineland didn't want to become an entrepreneur. Rather, he was drawn to the wide world to explore its secrets.

Nils Glagau was named in season 6 as a newcomer among the investors in"The lions' den" presented. Born in the Rhineland in 1976, Glagau is head of the health company Orthomol, a family business specializing in the production of nutritional supplements and micronutrients. Since he was there live, so to speak, when a garage company became a 400-employee company, he has been involved with the Start-up-He has close ties to the business scene and helped other entrepreneurs on their way even before his involvement in the Vox start-up show.

Nils Glagau actually wanted to become an archaeologist instead of an entrepreneur

When his father Kristian founded Orthomol in 1991 with a chemist friend and sold his products out of the family garage, Nils Glagau was just about to graduate from high school and then studied ethnology in Bonn. With his degree in his pocket, he specialized in ancient American studies and explored Mayan archaeological sites in Central and South America. In the meantime, he also worked for Orthomol, which had long since become a pioneer in the field of nutritional supplements, but clashed with his father several times in the process.

Nils Glagau takes over the family company Orthomol after the sudden death of his father

then in 2009 the shock. Nils Glagau's father was taken from life by a pulmonary embolism. With his mother and older sister, Nils Glagau filled the gap that arose in the company as CEO. Today, the company is headquartered in Langenfeld, Germany. Manufactures over 30 different nutritional supplements. These are intended to strengthen the immune system and promote concentration and performance. However, the remedies are not uncontroversial. On the contrary, are always criticized for having no real benefit.

Nils Glagau is privately a father of twins and an absolute sports enthusiast

Not much is known about the private life of the entrepreneur. It is vouched for that Nils Glagau is married as well as father of two twin daughters as well as enthusiastic about sports. At the same time, he has devoted himself to tennis and is very interested in basketball and volleyball. His interest in sports also manifested itself in his company's sponsorships: Orthomol sponsored the soccer club Fortuna Dusseldorf in 2017/18, when the team was promoted to the second league. The national ice hockey team sponsors Orthomol to this day. In addition, the new Leo loves traveling, literature, music, movies and cooking.

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