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Hardly any job profile has moved closer to the ideal of the
Charity so prescribed, as that of the Nurses. Nurses are there for their patients around the clock to care for, provide and nurture them. In addition, nurses are important assistants for the treating physicians. not only work for them during examinations, but are also document nursing courses and always keep patient documents up to date.

Because of the Demographic change nurses are among the most sought-after professionals on the labor market. As a result of the increasing aging of society and better medical care, it is already foreseeable that in ten or 20 years more elderly people and those in need of care will have to be cared for. Accordingly, the job prospects are good to very good.

Nurses perform their service not only in hospitals, but also in nursing and residential homes, hospices or outpatient care facilities. Since patient care must also be provided during the night, the job profile of the nurse is Not a traditional nine-to-five job. The job description includes Shift and night work. To compensate, there are not only salary supplements, but also the corresponding time off compensation.

How to become a nurse?

The prerequisite to be able to work in the profession of nursing is a secondary school leaving certificate or a comparable completed school education. The training to become a nurse lasts three years and ends with a state examination, the exam. It is divided into a theoretical and practical part, which teaches the basics of health care and nursing or health care and pediatric nursing.

Theoretical training is given to state-approved nursing schools and includes the following main areas:

The lessons also include the practical training of different hand movements and work procedures in the practical nursing. These include:

The practical training, in turn, is divided into a General field and one Differentiation area subdivided.

In the general area, prospective nurses learn the basics in health care and nursing of people of all ages in inpatient care in the specialties of surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, geriatrics, gynecology, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and maternity and neonatal care. Outpatient care in the preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative areas is also part of the curriculum.

In the Differentiation phase the specialization takes place. The plan is to acquire knowledge that is specifically needed in specific inpatient settings such as surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics or pediatric surgery. The training to become a nurse ends with three written, three oral and one practical examination.

Jobs as a nurse for you:

Nurses help sick people regain, improve, maintain, and promote their physical and mental health and may find employment in the following fields:

Salary: What do you earn as a nurse? institution do their service. Whether they are affiliated with a tariff. The region also has an influence on the amount of the monthly gross income.

Trainees receive on average the following Training salaries:

Training year: 950 to 1.000 Euro gross
Training year: 1.000 to 1.050 Euro gross
year of training: 1.100 to 1.150 Euro gross A registered nurse can start with a starting gross salary between 2100 and 2250 euros calculate. After a few years on the job, a gross salary of between 2760 and 2900 euros per month is realistic.

In addition Wage supplements for the completion of special work. These supplements are usually between 20 and 30 percent and are paid out in the following cases:

Entry-level opportunities: The prospects for nurses

In Germany, the healthcare sector is a significant economic factor and growth market with diverse employment potential. In the health and social services sector, well-trained nurses are sought nationwide. This will increase due to the demographic development. not change to the increasing health consciousness in the population in the next few years. Thus, the profession of a nurse is not only currently, but also in the future a crisis-proof job with best chances to enter the job market.

Application: How nurses score

Who interested in science is and has an approach to medical topics, likes to help other people and is socially minded, is basically right with the job profile of the nurse.

In dealing with the sick and their relatives, however, the following also play an important role resilience play a significant role. In addition, prospective nurses should combine the following skills in their resume and cover letter and highlight them accordingly in their application documents:

– ability to work in a team – communication skills – independence – sense of responsibility – being free from fear of contact – empathy in dealing with patients – being able to remain calm in difficult situations

Also the close physical contact to sick and elderly people should not matter to prospective nurses. In addition, they should enjoy giving advice and be good listeners.

Career: The development opportunities as a nurse

After completing their training, nurses can choose from a wide range of specialties Specialized further training complete. In the meantime, there are specialized training programs for almost every discipline in the hospital Specialist Nurses, for example in the areas:

In addition, there are further possibilities. If you would like to continue your training outside of practical nursing in the hospital, you can apply for the Hygiene specialist, Ward or area management, Nursing service management, Practice supervisor or to the Case Manager further training.

Graduates with a high school diploma in their pocket can also complete the academic path go to. The courses of study of the Nursing science, Nursing pedagogy and the nursing management/nursing administration enable a university qualification and pave the way for a further career. Subsequently, one can work in nursing research facilities or nursing schools. Alternatively, it is recommended to study medicine and pursue a career as a doctor.

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