Nurse nurse application azubiyo

Here you see Sample cover letter for a job as a health care and nursing assistant. Use the template. Let yourself be inspired. A guide to the application letter you can easily download in pdf format.

Tip: Inform yourself in the job description nurse about the activities and tasks in the profession and use this information in your cover letter. The training company can see from it that you have really engaged yourself with the training occupation.

Important note


at the Institute for Dual Courses of Study at the Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences

at the Institute for Dual Studies at the Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences

– 49808 Lingen – 01.08.2022 – Dual studies

Training as a nurse or. to become a nursing specialist (m/f/d)

at Altmark Klinikum

at Altmark Klinikum

– 29410 Salzwedel – 01.09.2022 – Training

Training as a nursing specialist (m/f/d)

at Salus Specialist Hospital Bernburg

at Salus Specialist Hospital Bernburg

– 06406 Bernburg – 01.09.2022 – Training

Letter of application for health care worker and nurse

Here you can see an example of the application to become a health and nursing assistant. Note: Do not forget the letterhead in your cover letter. Under layout you can read what you need to keep in mind.

Dear Mrs. Mustermann,

through AZUBIYO I became aware of your job advertisement and I am applying for an apprenticeship as a health care and nursing assistant in your company.

I have chosen this profession because I would like to help other people with my work. I find it exciting to learn medical basics and to be able to apply them in everyday life with patients.

I am currently attending the Werner-von-Siemens-Realschule in Ludwigshafen in the social branch. There I will graduate in a few months with probably good success. Within the scope of a two-week school internship I worked in a private practice. There I could already make experiences in dealing with sick people. In my free time, I volunteer as a trainer of a water gymnastics group for seniors, which requires a great sense of responsibility. There I often have to solve conflicts. Motivate the participants to persevere.

I would like to do my training in your clinic network, as you run modern facilities with different focuses in different locations. In addition, you can offer me the possibility to easily change the place of work later on. With working hours on weekends. I can arrange myself well at night.

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