Nurse salary this is what you earn as a nurse currently

Nurse salary – what registered nurses currently earnMany nurses enjoy their jobs because they are diverse, varied and challenging. As a nurse, you are responsible for the nursing and medical care of sick people, assisting with medical examinations and surgical procedures, operating and monitoring medical equipment and accompanying rounds. The job as a nurse is varied and characterized by irregular working hours, a fast pace of work and few breaks. But what about the nurse salary?
How much do you earn as a home health nurse?? Since it is a socially significant service, namely the work on and with people, the profession should actually be well paid? This is also the case. Health care workers and nurses usually earn more than other health care professionals. Even compared to skilled occupations outside of healthcare, nurse salaries tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum. It also differs by age, region, type of nursing facility, and carrier. In this post, you'll learn:

1. How high the salary is in nursing education. 2. What you earn after training. 3. What opportunities there are to supplement the nurse salary.

How much is the nurse salary during training?

Trainees in nursing are among the best paid trainees in Germany! You can train as a nurse in hospitals and clinics. In the meantime there are also courses of studies.

Because there is no binding collective agreement in nursing, the nurse salary in training varies depending on the federal state and the training provider. If you decide to train at a public-sector institution, you can benefit from a salary that is regulated by collective wage agreements. If this is the case, in the first year of training you will receive 1.140 euros gross monthly salary, in the second year 1.200 euros and in the last year of your training 1.300 euros. With private or church carriers the training salary can deviate. By the way: the since 1. January 2020 there is the new, generalistic nursing education: the one to the nursing specialist or the nursing woman. It combines the previous training courses in health care and nursing, geriatric nursing and health care and pediatric nursing.

Nurse salary what you currently earn as a nurse

Nurse salary – salary in training (source:

The nurse salary in training increases additionally whenever supplements for late, night, Sunday and holiday services are incurred.

Registered nurse salary – this is how high the earnings are

As the following table shows, the average nurse salary cuts in at 3.415 EUR in comparison with specialists in geriatric care with 2.877 EUR, overall significantly better off. In a comparison, it is also noticeable that skilled nursing staff earn more than all employees in Germany.

Registered nurse salary – by region

The extreme regional differences in pay in Germany are striking. For example, in 2018, employees in eastern Germany earn on average 21 percent less than in western Germany. The average nurse salary (gross pay) in eastern Germany is also 3.107 euros about 12 percent less than in western Germany at 3.493 euros.

Nurse salary what you currently earn as a nurse

Salary for nurses – monthly gross salaries by federal state (SV-pflichtig Beschaftigte). Full-time, excluding trainees, annual average, in EUR, median values; source: IAB)

Registered nurse salary – by state

The nurse salary differs, however, not only between East and West Germany, but also between the individual federal states significant. For skilled nursing staff, the range extends from 3.006 euros in Brandenburg to 3.644 euros in Saarland. Note: However, this comparison must also take into account the different costs of living. This should reduce the differences in real wages somewhat. Thus, z. B. Health and nursing professionals in Saarbrucken often pay more rent than in Potsdam.

Registered nurse salary – by age

In addition to the region and the state, the salary in nursing depends mainly on the length of time in the profession. Older employees earn more on average than newcomers to the profession, as the following figure shows.

Nurse salary this is what you earn as a current nurse

Nurse Salary – Average Salary by Age Group (Source: Agentur fur Arbeit 2020)

Incidentally, the Length of service to a steady increase in the collectively agreed salary. Perseverance is the motto.

Registered nurse salary – by nursing facility

It is no less important whether nurses work in hospitals or in inpatient or outpatient care. ambulatory care are employed, as the table below shows.

nurse salary what you currently earn as a nurse

Nurse Salary Comparison – Monthly Gross Salaries of Professionals in Nursing and Geriatric Care in EUR by Type of Nursing Facility (Source: IAB)

The following applies to all two nursing professions under consideration in hospitals the highest salaries Achieve, in outpatient nursing the lowest. How to earn z. B. Skilled nursing staff in western Germany on average 3.609 euros if they are employed in hospitals. If, on the other hand, you work in outpatient care, you earn 2.732 euros. The geriatric nurse salary is thus approximately 880 euros lower.

Registered nurse salary – by carrier

In Germany, different collective agreements are applied in nursing, depending on the carrier, which have a significant impact on the salary as a health care nurse.

The TVoD-P is basically the most important collective agreement for nursing, in addition to the AVR Caritas, AVR Diakonie, AVR Paritatischer Wohlfahrtsverband, collective agreement of the German Red Cross and the iGZ DGB for temporary workers.


nurse salary what you earn as a current nurse

Nurse salary – collective agreement for the public service (TVoD), P-table valid: 01.03.-31.08.2020 (source:

For the nurse salary by type of institution, it plays an important role whether it is a public, church or private employer. In general, health care and nursing professionals are the lowest paid in the private sector. This becomes clear in the following table:

nurse salary what you currently earn as a nurse

Nurse salary – comparison by carrier in EUR (source: https://praktischarzt.en)

These pronounced differences can be found, on the one hand, in the different insurance systems (health insurance vs. nursing care insurance), but also in the size of the company (and thus in collective bargaining coverage and employee representation) and the sponsorship of the respective facilities (private, non-profit, public). On our own behalf: If you run a facility and do not have enough employees, we will be happy to support you with our nursing recruitment service. For your inquiry simply use our personnel inquiry.

Nurse salary increase – so klappt's

Currently, the general shortage of registered nurses leads to a steady increase in nurse salaries in the future. However, if you don't want to wait, you can do it yourself to increase the salary as a nurse. Here we show you how.

Further training and specialization

The most effective means are Specialized training. These specialized advanced training courses are available for registered nurses:

– Specialist health and nursing geriatrics – Specialist health and nursing gerontopsychiatry – Specialist health and nursing intensive care and anesthesia – Specialist health and nursing neurology and rehabilitation – Specialist health and nursing emergency care – Specialist health and nursing oncology – Specialist health and nursing operating room nursing and endoscopy – Specialist health and nursing psychiatry – Specialist health and nursing radiology

Another possibility put career advancement training at. These exist in nursing and lead to a noticeable improvement in salary:

– Ward manager (WBL) – Nursing service manager (PDL)

Further possibilities to improve the nurse salary are on the one hand the Further training to become a practical nursing supervisor and on the other hand the participation in part-time courses of study at colleges, universities of applied sciences and distance learning universities. In recent years, various master-. bachelor's degree programs are established in the nursing sector.

Renegotiate nurse salary or claim additional benefits

In addition to further training and specialization, the nurse's salary can also be renegotiated with the employer on a regular basis. As a rule we find Salary negotiations every two years instead of. However, you should only negotiate if you also offer the corresponding benefits.

But not only salary increases lead to more money in the wallet. Many employers offer additional benefits – so-called benefits. The usual benefits include private health insurance, company pension plan, reimbursement of travel expenses and tax-free benefits in kind. With these extra benefits, your nurse's salary won't go up directly, but you can significantly reduce your private expenses!

You see, a low nurse's salary does not have to be!

Our Tip: Talk to your employer! Only in the rarest cases, it will not let negotiate with itself.

What if the employer does not play along?

Currently, many employers in the nursing are looking for good and hardworking health and nursing staff. So feel free to look around for an employer who will meet your needs. You are not worth to be fobbed off for "an appel and an egg"! Your nurse salary should definitely be enough to finance a reasonable life for you and your family! It's bad enough you're already giving up weekends, holidays, parties and time with loved ones. You deserve a performance-based payment as a nurse! Many employers are not even aware of this.

Top nurse salary – that's what anbosa offers in temporary employment

At anbosa you can find your dream job in temporary nursing, which on top of that also comes with 30 percent above the pay scale becomes. By the way, at anbosa we also do no east-west differences. We think that equal work deserves equal payment. We also make No differences in payment between nursing and geriatric care specialists. With us, both get a performance-based and high salary. At anbosa not only the nurse salary fits, but above all the general conditions (desired duty roster, duty roster security u.v.w.m.) and the care (on eye level and with a lot of expertise). Why? Because we are nurses and geriatric nurses ourselves and know how nurses tick and what they want! Take a look at what we offer you. Also in our job offers nursing. Our nursing jobs have it all. 😉

Nurse Salary – Conclusion

Your salary as a nurse depends on several factors. It depends on the region in which you live and the federal state. Unfortunately, nurses in western Germany earn significantly better than those in eastern Germany. Your salary as a nurse continues to depend on the type of facility, the carrier, your professional experience and the length of your employment with the company. Most of the time, the nurse salary depends on your negotiating skills. Here, the more experience you have, the better your nurse salary will be. There are employers who are willing to pay more and, above all, pay according to performance, such as us. A comparison is worthwhile and a change of employer is much easier than you think. You only have to take the first step..

You want to get out of the hamster wheel of perpetual subbing, little recognition and poor pay? Then register in a few minutes. Completely free with us. After your registration we will send you suitable nursing jobs in your desired work model. Full time or part time? Close to home or nationwide? Flexible in temporary work or as a freelancer? Or rather a solid job in permanent employment through our recruitment agency? you decide!

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