Nurse training the structure

Nurse training: The structureIf you've decided to train as a nurse, you're bound to wonder exactly what it looks like?

The same question is asked by registered nurses who have completed their training in another country and now want to work in Germany or Austria. In this case you want as much as possible of what you have learned to be recognized here. This raises some questions:

How is the structure of a nurse training?

So in total you have about 4600 Class hours spread over 3 years. The exact hours then divide the nursing schools differently.

What subjects are there?

How exactly the subjects are called, differs from nursing school to nursing school, but there are always 4 major topics in the theoretical training:

1. Knowledge of health care and nursing, health care and pediatric nursing, and nursing and health sciences with a total of 950 hours of instruction 2. Nursing knowledge of natural sciences and medicine with a total of 500 hours of instruction 3. Nursing-related knowledge of the humanities and social sciences with a total of 300 teaching hours 4. Nursing-relevant knowledge of law, politics and economics with a total of 150 hours of instruction

The remaining 200 hours are used for projects or the like.

What do I do during practical training?

During the practical nurse training you go through all possible stations in the hospital. You will work in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


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