Pet owner sick what happens to the pet helvetia insurances

Pet owner sick: what happens to the pet?pet owner sick what happens to the pet helvetia insurances

Around 34 million pets of various kinds live in German households. In most cases it is impossible to imagine family life without them. Should the beloved family member fall ill and have to go to the vet or animal clinic, this is often a great burden for the whole family. But what if the pet owner becomes ill himself?? Who will take care of the darling during this time? Who helps with walking, feeding or getting pet food? Depending on whether the pet owner stays at home sick or has to go to the hospital, these questions can be answered differently.

The pet owner stays sick at home

Dog owner

If the dog owner becomes so ill that even getting up is difficult, the everyday tasks around the dog, such as going for a walk or organizing pet food and medication, seem almost impossible to manage. If the four-legged friend then also has to go to the vet, you don't know what to do.

With Helvetia you are also then well insured. Because with the PetCare dog health insurance always included protection letter we offer you numerous assistance services for exactly this case. Our assistance measures include u.a.:

– The daily walking of the dog, – The provision of dog food and medication for the dog, – Transport of your favorite to the vet or to a veterinary clinic.

Cat owner

Cats also need to be taken care of when the cat owner is sick at home. Feeding or cuddling the house cat may still be okay, but what if the cat food or litter runs out?

With our protection letter, which is already included in the Helvetia PetCare cat health insurance, you receive numerous assistance services, which support you in the case of illness with the animal care. This includes u.a.:

– cuddling the cat, – getting cat food, litter and medication, – accommodation in a boarding kennel.

The animal owner must go to the hospital

What happens to the dog?

If the dog owner comes to the hospital and can't find anyone who can temporarily take care of the dog, his situation will be further complicated. We know that every dog has individual needs. That's why our protection policy offers a wide range of services.

Some dogs feel most comfortable at home. For them it is already stressful when the owner is not at home. One should not take these dogs therefore also still from its used environment out. For such cases, the Helvetia PetCare protection letter offers care at home, with daily walks and feedings.

Other dogs do not mind spending their time with other people and animals. For these dogs a boarding kennel is the better choice. There the beloved pet is not alone. Can also spend enough time outside. He will be walked, fed and get the necessary care incl. Playtime and petting.

The accommodation in an animal pension is likewise a component of the protection letter like the care at home.

The Schutzbrief: the most important services summarized

The assistance services included in the Helvetia PetCare cover (as listed below) are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With this all-round carefree package, you no longer have to worry about the worst case scenario. If you need us, all it takes is a phone call.

We are there for you if you cannot take care of your four-legged friend due to an accident or illness. If the dog is placed in a boarding kennel, we will help organize it and cover the costs for the first four weeks. Otherwise we take care of the daily care of your pet at your home. This includes daily walking (up to 2 hrs. per day) and the procurement of pet food as well as, if necessary. Medication needed for the animal. The cost of pet food. The medication must be paid for by themselves.

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