Petprotect the new pet insurance inform now

Now also available separately. Insure your dog or cat against costs in case of operations.

The PETPROTECT animal health insurance in detail

Petprotect the new animal insurances inform now

Comprehensive protection, high reimbursement

PETPROTECT offers you up to 100% coverage for veterinary treatment in case of illness or after an accident, outpatient and inpatient treatment, surgery costs, medications, etc.

PETPROTECT reimburses the highest rate of the fee schedule according to which veterinarians charge (up to 4 times the GOT rate).

The protection is also valid abroad: for the duration of your stay in Europe and up to 6 months outside Europe.

Petprotect the new animal insurances inform now

Maximum flexibility, surprisingly fast

PETPROTECT offers you fast and flexible protection for your four-legged friend:

With a daily cancellation right you enjoy maximum flexibility, should finances or your needs change. You get the tariff of your choice for your four-legged friend without a waiting period. Save your pet from a lengthy health check with simple health questions.

Petprotect the new animal insurances inform now

Vet and surgery insurance in one

PETPROTECT offers more than many comparable offers:

With an insurance policy, you are well covered for the costs of veterinary surgery, dental treatment, hospitalization, as well as for medicines, bandages, remedies and aids.

With the free choice of doctor and clinic, you alone decide to whom you entrust your animal: With all tariffs of our insurance, you choose in which trustworthy hands you place your pet.

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