Physical activity and health 2

Exercise and healthThe "exercise" component is of central importance in the school profile of the Schule an der Viktoriastrabe. There are different contexts of justification for this:

– Many children show significant developmental delays when they start school. In order to anchor the promotion holistically, diagnostics or. Promotion of motor skills and perception a key component in all school levels. – Few children attend extracurricular physical activity programs. Not only in the sense of promoting movement but also with the goal of developing social skills. Promoting the idea of achievement, exercise programs are important at this school. – Quite a few children at school are overweight. For this reason, it is a particular concern in terms of health prevention to establish exercise as a natural part of everyday life and to anchor it in the minds of children and parents. – Offering a wide range of exercise opportunities helps to promote safe movement and thus prevent accidents.

To this end, we implement many activities and projects here at the school on Viktoriastrasse:


School sports in the gymnasium, the movement room and the north-east pool

daily movement time – moving learning – moving lessons

Moving school furniture: Landauer furniture, seat cushions, seat balls

themed use of the exercise room on Fridays – currently: balance training u.a. in a balancing landscape

Cycling training in the schoolyard and on the grounds of the youth traffic school

Project: Learning in balance

Regular excursions to extracurricular places with a focus on movement (forest, park, climbing landscapes, swimming and ice rinks)

Networking with the musical-artistic project "KiP" – "Kultur im Pott" ("Culture in the Pot")

Exercise and health 2

Movement and health 2

Afternoon – OGS:

AG Reha-Sport (u.a. Weight reduction in Koop. with VGSD)


– Gesund macht Schule (AOK) – cooperation with pediatricians – parent education u.a. on the topic: motor skills – movement in everyday life – parent education event also in Turkish language

Participation in various competitions:

– Varied movement opportunities: Running over different surfaces and uneven surfaces, climbing, balancing, ball games, bouncy boxes

Schoolyard – moving breaks

– Children from the student conference (class representatives of grades 3 and 4) select schoolyard games and lead the children in grades 1 and 2 – All classes have schoolyard toys

– Regular internal teacher training on small movement games – all teachers have a booklet with game suggestions for movement breaks in the classroom

Project of the AOK: Gesund macht Schule

Since the 2010/11 school year, the school on Viktoriastrasse has been working in the AOK project " Gesund macht Schule – Health Promotion and Health Education in Primary Schools".

This project aims to promote cooperation between school, students, doctors and parents in the field of child health. In particular, we have set ourselves the task of making our school a place where work and learning can be done in a way that promotes health and thus improves education. Within the framework of these goals, we are initially concerned with the focus on "movement" and the promotion of health-conscious eating and movement behavior at school, at home and during leisure time. This includes the health-promoting design of the school. Involving parents in school life. In addition, we were able to gain a sponsor doctor who advises us on important ies and works together with us.

– The teachers are always planning Movement breaks into the lessons. – The children regularly receive from the Forderverein Break toys.

In mid-March 2011, a lecture on the importance of movement for children's development was held at the parents' cafe. In addition to a range of information, the mothers were also able to try out and experience for themselves what it is like to have movement deficits or to be limited in their motor skills. For example, the mothers tried to balance with binoculars or to put small Lego bricks on top of each other with thick ski gloves. After the lecture, the mothers had the opportunity to talk to the speaker from the AOK, to ask questions and to discuss.

On the first of April 2011 all children of the second class took part in the school satchel MOT. The school gymnasts went to the gymnasium or the exercise room for two hours. In addition to exercises to strengthen the back muscles and to relax, the children also learned how to pack and put on their satchels in a way that is easy on the back.

Since then, the program Gesund macht Schule has been lived and used by students and teachers.Many teachers continue their education through the AOK in the area of health promotion in order to learn and implement further possibilities of health education. At the same time, they also attend further training courses that are helpful for their own health management.

EU school fruit program NRW since the 2011/12 school year

The school on Viktoriastrasse participates in the European School Fruit Program. As a school fruit school we are regularly supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables by an organic farm. We can thus offer our students an extra portion of vitamins at no cost to us and promote healthy eating and consumption habits. A meaningful pedagogical accompaniment takes place during lessons, but also during excursions and project days.

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