Pilots show the way in essen’s first health kiosk

The health kiosk has moved into the Alte Badeanstalt in Altenessen. There is already sport there-. Health offers.

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Food. The city of Essen sees the health kiosk as an important building block in the health system. The new facility has these concrete tasks.

"Hello, my name is Julia Grabemann from the health kiosk team – I look forward to your visit, just drop by!"This nice invitation is not only on the flyer. On Saturday, Julia Grabemann actually greets passers-by personally in front of the health kiosk in Altenessen, which opened on 30 September. April celebrates its official opening. Personalization builds trust, creates proximity and is part of the strategy to permanently anchor this completely new health promotion offer in the city.

Health kiosk is an important building block

The team of pilots at the health kiosk (from left): Saeed Al Masri, Nicole Ginter, Vladislav Seifert and Julia Grabemann. They speak several languages.

There was a long struggle for this: After the clinic closures, the citizens of Essen's north vented their fierce displeasure, denouncing the ever increasing lack of medical care in the districts of Altenessen, Stoppenberg and Katernberg. Affected: after all, about 120.000 Essen residents. Politicians were shaken up and reacted. A model that has already been successful in Hamburg, a health kiosk, has been installed in Essen.

Now this cannot and should not be a substitute for a clinic, emphasizes Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen at the inauguration ceremony. But: "We want to develop a health roadmap for the north of Essen. An important component is the health kiosk."

Easily accessible by bus and subway

For the opening, there were numerous attractions in front of the Old Baths: Jayden (6) cycled on the bicycle smoothie mixer.

The low-threshold offer, which is located in the Alte Badeanstalt on Altenessener Strabe, could not be better chosen: Between the market and the Allee Center, the health kiosk is virtually on the way, and is also very well connected by bus and subway. Users hardly need to make any effort to take advantage of the offer. Julia Grabemann and her team have already registered this positively in the first few days.

Because actually the facility has already opened on 12. April begins its work. "Of course, curious people have come by to find out what's available here. But we have also had some clients who have had specific problems," reports Julia Grabemann. The 31-year-old is a social worker. Registered nurse. Their colleagues also come from medical or health care backgrounds. social professions. Her task: to be a pilot in a health care system that is difficult for many patients to understand.

Assistance with applications for care services

The wheel of fortune was very popular at the opening party of the new Altenessen health facility.

What needs to be considered when suffering from diabetes? Which specialist is the right one? Which preventive medical checkups are available? What is required to apply for a care level?? How to get a rehabilitation measure? The pilots answered these and many other questions. Grabemann: "For example, we help people apply for care services or medical aids."Those affected are often simply overwhelmed when dealing with authorities and health insurance companies. "We know the forms and know what is important when filling them out."

For example, she was able to quickly and easily organize the necessary nursing assistance for a single man who had broken both elbows, says Julia Grabemann. Appropriate aids could also be organized for a Ukrainian mother whose baby suffers from hip dysfunction.

Referral to doctors and health care services in the city is another task of the pilots, but not diagnostics and treatment. "We can help when, for example, diabetes patients can't cope with their injections. But we don't replace the doctor," says Grabemann. No duplicate structures should be built up with the health kiosk finally.

Open is The Altenessen Health Kiosk, Altenesser Strabe 393, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Appointments are also available outside office hours by appointment. Two separate consultation rooms are available in the office. The offer is free of charge. In addition to German, English, French, Polish, Russian and Arabic are also spoken,

Carried the health kiosk run by the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, the non-profit Caritas-SkF-Essen GmbH (cse), the Sport- und Gesundheitszentrum Altenessen e.V. as well as the Essen North-West e.V.. Half of the funding currently comes from the city of Essen.

In the old swimming pool are already located health services: The multi-purpose pool, located on the upper floor, is operated by the Sports and Health Center (SGZ). Additionally there are power-. Fitness rooms.

In Katernberg another health kiosk is to be launched in the summer. There, according to Andreas Bierod (cse), the premises could possibly even be designed a little larger. A real estate in market proximity is probably avised.

Kiosk acts as a link to the authorities

Matthias Mohrmann from the board of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg also points to this: "It's about pragmatic help and the social aspect of preventive health care."Everyone is welcome to try out the in-house counseling service. "Various offers interlock," emphasizes Andreas Bierod, managing director of the non-profit Caritas society cse and at the same time of the new management company Gesundheit fur Essen gGmbH.

For him, the first few days have already shown that the health kiosk is well received in the district: "People are here every day, word of the location has spread quickly, even among residents with a migration background. In the meantime doctors refer to us quite specifically." The kiosk also acts as a link to the authorities, such as the Jobcenter.

Health care in schools

Another goal, says Bierod, is to take the low-threshold offer to schools in the near future, where preventive health care can be offered "even without a cause. The students are to be given tips that they will then in turn carry into their everyday family lives. This is how word of the facility spreads.

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