Pollen calendar which pollen are currently flying

Pollen count calendar: which pollen is currently flying?When nature awakens, allergy sufferers are usually the first to feel it. In Germany, there are about 100 different plant species that can cause hay fever. The most common triggers of a pollen allergy are the so-called early bloomers. But also other grasses. Plants provide allergy sufferers with. a. for moist eyes and rhinitis. This pollen forecast shows you which pollen these are, when they fly and how long the pollen flight lasts in each case.

As soon as spring is approaching, the pollen count also begins, which can become a real burden for pollen allergy sufferers.

Pollen is the male genetic material of the plant and is u.a. distributed with the wind. A single ear of rye alone can contain between two and four million pollen particles, which can travel up to 200 kilometers in favorable wind and dry weather.

Current pollen countWhat is currently flying pollen? These are the pollen seasons

the allergy sufferers the life heavily, because often the air is only in the October or November again.

Pollen calendar which pollens are currently flying

Pollen allergy: more and more people are allergic to pollen

In the meantime 20 percent or 15 million Germans are allergy sufferers. Has the annoying pollen count for more and more people in Germany something to do with climate change? Climate researchers say yes. Because the variety of plants is changing. Many pollen fly from January to December. Because plant diversity is changing. Many pollens fly from January to December.

Why are there more and more allergy sufferers??

Part of the increase in the number of allergy sufferers is due to the growing number of international transport of goods and the mobility of people. This is how plant seeds from all over the world that are native to warmer climates come to us. these partly highly allergenic plants introduced or they also come to us naturally.

Climate change causes more allergies, because the pollen count increases.

Pollen count: More people with allergies in the city than in the countryside

The magazine Wunderwelt Wissen reported that there are more and more pollen allergy sufferers. The reason for this is probably the high fine dust pollution in the cities. Fine dust seems to be the reason why pollen allergies are more common in the city than in the countryside. Martin Metz, professor of dermatology at the Allergie-Centrum-Charite in Berlin explains:

"It is known that carbon dioxide can contribute to a higher allergen concentration in pollen."

However, it is still unclear why only some people become allergic to pollen. Metz explains:

"A basic requirement is that you develop the antibodies against pollen that are responsible for allergies, i.e. that you become sensitized to the allergens in pollen."

When plant pollen comes into contact with liquid, such as saliva, allergens are washed out of the surface. This acts as a threat to the immune system of a pollen allergy sufferer, whereupon the body tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Once the body has reacted to an allergen, the immune defense jumps into action with every further contact with the specific pollen. In the meantime, allergy sufferers have to suffer even longer due to the mild winters of the last years, because the pollen fly earlier in spring and longer in autumn. In the city, the pollen load is especially high in the evening, in the country in the morning. This is important for allergy sufferers, especially when it comes to ventilation. For whom the pollen load becomes too high, should take a short trip to an island, the sea or the high mountains – there you can "avoid pollen".

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