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The pollen count in the yearly overview.

The pollen calendar shows you what could bloom when

Your pollen calendar for 15 plants: Which pollen is flying today

For all types of pollen, also use our Pollen count archive, simply after input of the postal code "Pollen archive" select and enter date – done!

The pollen forecast (incl. Pollen Archive)

Simply enter your city or ZIP code – and you'll find out which pollen is flying today. The birch blossom bends in the west. Southwest gradually towards its end. Towards the east the birch pollen count is still strong, in some areas the peak has been reached only recently.

In some regions, the first grasses are also beginning to bloom. Pollen concentrations gradually increase along the Rhine, Ems and Weser rivers. Other deciduous trees such as oaks, ash trees and copper beeches also emit a lot of pollen.

In dry and sunny weather, the pollen count remains moderate to strong overall. Only prolonged rain, such as at the turn of the month, dampens it at least temporarily and in certain areas.

Pollen allergy

The pollen count begins as soon as spring is on its way. Hay fever allergy sufferers usually feel immediately when nature awakens again. The blossoming of some plant species from February to March affects everyone who is allergic to the pollen of early bloomers such as hazel and alder.

As the year progresses, the pollen count increases even more (to the pollen count calendar as an annual overview). Especially in April and May, when birch, oak, yew, ash, lilac and copper beech are in bloom, the exposure is particularly high. The wind is responsible for spreading the pollen in all cases.

After contact with the mucous membranes of the nose and respiratory tract, pollen releases proteins that cause a defensive reaction of the body. The symptoms are mostly: watery eyes, sneezing and also coughing. This can last until October.

Throughout this time, it is important for allergy sufferers to pay attention to pollen forecasts and avoid the outdoors when pollen counts are high. Up-to-date data are essential because, depending on the weather, the onset of plant flowering varies.

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Your pollen calendar for 15 plants and pollen types.

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