Poverty line in germany who is considered poor and when

Poverty line in Germany: Who is considered when poor?Poverty line in germany who is considered poor and when

More and more the middle class shrinks in Germany and the gap between poor and rich becomes more and more obvious. Of course, it doesn't always have to be vacations, houses or cars, and yet some people are able to treat themselves to some of these things, while others hardly have enough money for food at the end of the month and also hardly get around to saving money. But at what income level do you fall below the poverty line?

The poverty line in Germany

According to the definition of the poverty line, anyone who earns 60 percent or less of the country's average income is considered poor. In this calculation also social benefits are already included. It also depends on how many people live in the respective household. The Economic and Social Institute has used net income to define when someone lives at or below the poverty line in Germany.

When describing poverty in Germany, one also decides between absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is defined as not being able to meet basic economic and social needs. If one speaks of relative poverty, this refers to the poverty ratio in comparison to the social environment of the respective person.

Just over 16% of people in Germany are now affected by poverty, according to a new statistic.

Poverty line in germany who is considered poor and when

The poverty line in Germany for single people

For 2019, the Federal Statistical Office has calculated an average net income for single persons of 1.074 Euro fixed. If a person has this sum or even less, he or she is considered poor.

Who is rich? In contrast, rich people in Germany are those who earn more than 3.earn 418 euros net per month.

Poverty line for couples

Couples without children are considered to have an income of 1.611 euros or less officially designated as poor. Couples with 2 children under the age of 14 will, at 2.255 euros as poor. With 2 children over 14 years with 2.685 Euro. 255 Euro designated as poor. With 2 children over 14 years at 2.685 Euro.685 euros. If a couple with 2 children over 14 and one child under 14 has a total income of 3.007 euros or less is at or below the poverty line in Germany.

Rich couples have more than 5 according to statistics.127 euros per month at your disposal.

Poverty line in Germany for single parents

Not only couples or childless singles can be considered poor according to the calculation of the poverty line. Single parents with one or more children are also included in the statistics. If a single parent with a child under the age of 14 has an income of 1.396 euros available, the small family is considered poor. The poverty line for single parents with two children under 14 is 1.718 Euro.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, single parents (41%) are at particular risk of poverty, as are people with a lower secondary school leaving certificate and no vocational qualification (35%) and people with an immigrant background (29%).

Poverty line in germany who is considered poor when

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Old-age poverty in Germany

Especially for pensioners aged 65 and over, the likelihood of suffering from old-age poverty has risen rapidly in recent years – by as much as 4.9% from 2015 to 2019. The main reason for this is the increasingly high cost of living, but also the lack of savings due to low salaries. Women are significantly more likely to be affected by poverty than men.

Poverty line in germany who is considered poor and when

There are many reasons for falling into poverty: Sudden loss of work, strokes of fate, illnesses and permanently too high expenses. The most important thing is to make provisions for the future. A job can be the first step to escape poverty and saving can help, especially in old age, not to fall below the poverty line.

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