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Obstetrics in the St. Martinus Hospital in Langenfeld More than 1200 births in two yearsDetlev Katzwinkel has been a guarantor of excellent obstetrics in Langenfeld for 26 years at the St.-Martinus Hospital. his department is certified as a "baby-friendly maternity hospital". By Martin Monikes

An extreme exception in the delivery room : Jonas Kuppers from Bielefeld in the women's profession of midwife

In Germany, men in the midwifery profession are the absolute exception. With the changeover to a university education, will there be more in the future?? An aspiring male midwife raves about the profession. How does he get on with colleagues. Young families?

Photos: This is Jonas Kuppers – prospective male midwife Johanna Etienne Hospital Neuss: The nice-difficult job of a midwife

Soon to be father of two : Sascha Lobo's life in pink

"Rose-colored glasses help to maintain a certain amount of courage in catastrophic times," says digital strategist Lobo in an interview with RP editor-in-chief Moritz Dobler. A conversation about Corona episodes, fear of war and dyeing hair. By Helene Pawlitzki

Birth in Kempen : This is what the delivery rooms at Hospital zum Heiligen Geist have to offer

In the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist in Kempen, 658 women gave birth last year. Here are many possibilities for delivery and also supportive offers after the birth. By Jannetta Janben

Video: The postpartum period: what mothers face in the first days after birth Experts from Grefrath give tips: What parents need for the baby room

Series Pregnancy and Birth : "Breastfeeding problems often start in the head"

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world – at least that's what they say. The reality is often different: inflamed nipples, milk congestion, anger and despair. What goes wrong – and what helps? By Jessica Kuschnik

Midwife from Ratingen informs : At the side of young mothers – as a life companion

For centuries, midwives have been helping pregnant women and young mothers with their knowledge and skills. There's no such thing as embarrassment or holding back. They are also a kind of life companion. By Thea Weber

Advice center from Langenfeld : What an infant really needs

There is probably no other event that changes a person's life as profoundly and in the long term as the birth of a child. What parents should pay attention to during the first equipment, we say here. By George Timm

RP series "Welcome Baby" in the Kleve district : Support for young parents

Finally the baby is here. But especially for mothers and fathers who become parents for the first time, the challenges are great: The baby cries and the nights are short. The Caritas family counseling service helps. By Marc Cattelaens

Heinsberg "Early Help" Network Even more important than before: central contact point for parents

The "Early Help" network in the Heinsberg district brings together all the services available to expectant and new parents and their babies and toddlers in a unique way. By Katrin Schelter

Ohana association also offers Huckeswagen first musical experience for minis

The Ohana association offers courses in early musical education for babies. Stefanie Krieger can also offer the courses during Corona – and is pleased about attentive infants. By Wolfgang Weitzdorfer

Series Welcome, Baby : Maternity clinics, midwife search and baby equipment – tips and offers in Rhein-Kreis Neuss

Series When planning a family, some questions come up: How to find the right hospital for the birth? When to start looking for a midwife? And what if it does not work out with the desire to have children? Practical tips for young and expectant parents.

Parents are more likely to have their children vaccinated against measles, whooping cough& Co inoculate than a few years ago. This is shown by an evaluation of children insured by TK. Prescription of medicines decreases overall. However, there is one exception.

For a good start after birth: The ten most important baby tips from the pediatrician Baby sleep and midwife search: These ten tips should know expectant parents

Midwife Lilian Nowak explains to prospective parents at the Protestant Family Education Center what babies need in the first two to three months in terms of clothing or care products. That's why her list is surprisingly short. By Semiha unlu

Pre-natal care in Neukirchen-Vluyn: "Sufficient relaxation is also often neglected"

Going out with babies and toddlers can be quite a challenge for parents. But there are also places in Dusseldorf where it's relaxed and tasty. Here are the tips of our editors. By Semiha unlu

In our thematic focus "Welcome, baby!"we have explored the most important questions that expectant parents face. The articles at a glance.


Some people are more resilient in crises than others. According to psychologists, this is due to seven characteristics – and they can be learned. By Susanne Hamann and Alexandra Eul

Psychological resilience: These seven characteristics make us resilient

– Ronaldo on social media : Mourning with a mass audience – Reactivation of trauma : When the Second World War is suddenly back in the mind – So much for mild drug : "Cannabis should be used before the 25. Do not be released before the age of six."

Sexuality and love

Registration only with spiritual recommendation : French priest launches dating platform with strict rules

On the French dating platform Navis Fidelis, only those who are devout Christians and regular churchgoers are allowed to register. Registration prerequisite is the recommendation by a Catholic priest.

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