Pregnancy birth breastfeeding info at a glance

Pregnancy& ChildbirthYes, we are having a baby! Pregnancy is a particularly exciting time for every woman, for every couple. Our pregnancy guide& Birth accompanied future. Helping new parents through this exciting time!

Pregnancy birth breastfeeding info at a glance

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Along with the anticipation, a whole host of questions naturally arise with any pregnancy, especially for women having their first child: What are the tips to get pregnant faster? How to manage morning sickness. Avoiding other pregnancy complaints? What should pregnant women eat and what not, how to change the daily routine? When will I know that the birth is about to begin and where should I deliver my baby?? On Lifeline.Here you will find information and answers to the most important questions about a healthy pregnancy, birth and the first time with the newborn.

Before pregnancy

Pregnancy birth breastfeeding info at a glance

Congratulations: Officially pregnant!

Everyday life and healthy living during pregnancy

Pregnancy birth breastfeeding info at a glance

Common complaints during pregnancy

Diseases and complications in pregnancy

Pregnant despite chronic illness

Around the birth

The first time after birth

Pregnancy birth breastfeeding info at a glance

The guide to pregnancy, childbirth and the first period after contains useful information, image galleries, exercises and videos, including tips on how to get pregnant, healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, what helps against pregnancy symptoms, how to recognize labor and how the birth takes place.

Doctors must provide parents-to-be with comprehensive information, because not all prenatal examinations are risk-free! more.

Am I pregnant? Breast tenderness, discharge and fatigue are typical first symptoms of pregnancy more.

What was supposed to be the best time in life becomes a torment for some – depression during pregnancy is a frequently concealed topic more.

Back pain during pregnancy can be stressful. These exercises help more.

Pale skin, fatigue and lack of concentration are typical signs. more. Sporty pregnant women feel fitter. Often have an easier birth. With these exercises the baby also trains with more.

Specialist in gynecology u. Obstetrics

What can I eat, what should I avoid?? Or can I do everything, at least "a little bit"?? more.

Hello, I am in the 9.ssw and it has been found a few days ago that the heart. more.

Hello, I am 4+0 today and have a vaginal infection. Which bacteria exactly. more.

Good day, I am in today in the 5 SSW (4+0), since I have repeatedly bacterial. more.

Questions about pregnancy and birth?

Everything you need to know about optimal nutrition during this special time in the video more. Regular gymnastic exercises relax. Keeping the body fit. So you are optimally prepared for the delivery! more.

From lumpy to spinnable: what the consistency of the cervical mucus says more.

Baby's bowel movements often puzzle parents. What is still normal in the diaper. What a warning signal? more.

Ovulation calendar, diet, weight, alternative medicine and promising sex positions: How to help pregnancy get off the ground more.

– Abdominal pregnancy /. – HELLP syndrome – hypoglycemia after birth – postpartum depression – pregnancy depression – gestational diabetes.

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