Preliminary internship in social work – what you need to know

Preliminary internship in social workYou have chosen a social work course of study and want to apply, but a preliminary internship is a prerequisite for the social work course of study. What a pre-study internship is and what you should consider, you can find out here with us.

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– What is a pre-study internship?? – For which courses of study do I need a pre-study internship?? – How long should the pre-study internship last?? – Is the pre-study internship remunerated??

– Can I have already performed activities credited? – Where can I do the pre-study internship?? – Proof of previous internship – advantages and disadvantages

What is a pre-study internship??

Social studies are becoming more and more popular, but if you look at the prerequisites of a social work degree, for example, you will find another important item on the list besides the NC:

One of the admission requirements is an internship . But what exactly is it??

The pre-study internship or basic internship is necessary in order to be able to prove professional experience in a social institution. This work experience is particularly important, because social programs such as social work, therapeutic pedagogy or inclusive pedagogy build on existing knowledge with their content. It is therefore a compulsory internship, but at the same time also a good help for you. Because in this way you get to know the work processes and can find out whether you really enjoy the activities and whether the profession suits you.

The pre-internship depends not only on the institution in which you complete your internship, but also on the duration of the internship, the remuneration or the type of verification. Everything you need to know about the pre-study internship in social work, we explain now.

University Tip

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For which courses of study do I need a pre-study internship??

The pre-study internship is not only necessary for social work studies. Also some pedagogical courses of study require the internship. This applies above all to courses of study with a high practical component, such as inclusive pedagogy. Work with potentially marginalized children, or. The study of inclusive pedagogy requires a very special feeling for people (for example because of poverty, disabilities or multilingualism) and is therefore mostly suitable for already experienced pedagogues. With the pre-study internship, however, you acquire a lot of knowledge and skills even without completed vocational training Knowledge you can build on in your studies.

Study programs for which you usually need a pre-study internship are:

– Social work – Community education – Elementary education – Special education – Inclusive education

How long should the pre-study internship last??

The duration of the required pre-study internship is determined by the respective university, usually an internship of approximately three months full-time requires. If you want to complete the pre-internship social work part-time, this is of course possible in consultation with the institution, but then the period is extended to six months.

But what about when a social institution offers no more than six weeks of internship?? There is a solution for this as well! If you are not able to complete the entire internship in a social institution, it is possible to break down the pre-study internship in social work. So you can Divide the duration of the internship between two social institutions and study for six to seven weeks at a time in one of the institutions.

But attention: It is not possible to split your time between more than two institutions!

Is the internship remunerated?

Unfortunately, there is no good news: The minimum wage provisions do not apply to an internship. This means that you

no legal entitlement to a certain remuneration have. Therefore the payment is very low. Some internships are even free of charge.

But there is also a ray of hope: If you do a compulsory pre-study internship in social work, you usually have the following benefits for the duration of the internship Entitlement to Bafog. This is how you can cover most of your costs. However, you will probably not be able to avoid a mini-job.

Can I get credit for work I have already done??

Preliminary internship in social work - what you need to know

This question cannot be answered with a blanket yes. The universities themselves decide individually on the crediting of activities towards the pre-study internship in social work. However, activities such as a voluntary year or an apprenticeship in a related field are usually credited against the internship. You may not even have to complete the entire pre-study internship, since you already have enough work experience. Also the federal voluntary service or honorary activities can reduce the duration of the pre-study internship.

But what if you have worked abroad? Can this be credited? Yes! Even a social activity abroad can be credited to the pre internship. However, depending on the university, you must be able to prove a certain amount of working hours. For example, you can work at least ten hours a week over a period of ten months.

Where can I complete the pre-study internship??

If you want to apply for a social work degree program, the pre-study internship should, of course, also take place in a social work institution suitable institution completed. Here, public institutions such as Jugend-. Social services or schools. To give you an overview, we have compiled a list of possible positions here:

– Child and youth welfare – Schools and kindergartens – Homes for the elderly and nursing homes – Addiction counseling – Integrative schools – Youth welfare office – Social welfare office

Provide proof of the pre-internship

Very important: At least half of the pre-study internship must be completed before the start of studies! Depending on the university even the entire duration. You can prove this by submitting certificates or other documents with your written application.

If the application deadline of the university is already running, but you are not yet finished with the internship, you can also submit a certificate about it. Ideally, this certificate should also include an indication of when you expect to finish.

Advantages and disadvantages

The basic internship is mandatory. This means that you have to do it in order to be able to start some specific social studies at all. If you are not sure whether you want to do a social studies program that has this requirement or if you would rather do one without a pre-internship?

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