Preventing skin irritations when not to shower before shaving

Skin irritation after shaving is annoying but not uncommon. What many don't know: Whether they occur can depend on the time of day and whether or not you showered before shaving.

Frankfurt am Main – The skin itches, burns or even forms pimples after shaving? Then one speaks of the so-called "razor burn". Dull or dirty razor blades, certain ingredients in shaving care products such as preservatives or fragrances, or skin hypersensitivity are usually to blame. The good news is: If you want to have stubble-free skin, you don't have to simply accept the skin changes: Because even a few simple rules can prevent the annoying little pimples.

Prevent skin irritation: Do not shower before dry shaving

An important rule for those who prefer dry shaving: do not shower before shaving. At least, that is the recommendation of the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW). "The water vapor could otherwise soften the skin and beard so much that the electric razor can no longer grip the beard hair properly and cut it off," explains IKW expert Birgit Huber.

With the wet shave it looks against it already again differently. Here, the hair should not only be wet, but even washed with warm water beforehand to remove sebum residues and open the pores. The moisture also causes the hair to swell, so that the razor blade can cut smoother and softer.

Prevent skin irritation: wet shave unclean skin

Whether a wet or dry shave is more suitable depends on the skin type: While sensitive skin usually copes better with an electric dry shaver, impure skin can benefit from a wet shave. "Comparable to a strong peeling, not only the stubble is removed, but also the horny scales of the uppermost skin layers are removed – the natural skin protection," says Huber. "The skin can then react irritated with dry or red spots."According to the IKW expert, however, this peeling effect has advantages for impure skin: "Because every wet shave removes dead horny scales, which can clog the pores."

Prevent skin irritations: Better to shave in the morning instead of in the evening

But there are other factors that influence how well shaving is tolerated:

– The skin should be shaved in the morning on an empty stomach, then it is more elastic than during the day, advises the expert. The situation is different in the armpit area: It is better to shave them in the evening to give the skin a break from deodorant* – Eating breakfast increases the heart rate and blood circulation, which increases the risk of injury – When shaving wet, make sure the formulation of the care products is compatible. Orientation is provided, for example, by allergy seals from the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB), the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) or the German Skin and Allergy Aid (DHA)

(With material from dpa)

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