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Your private comprehensive health insurance: Because it's all about your health

You are an employee with

minimum income of 64.350 € gross per year or self-employed or. freelance active? Then you can take out private health insurance!

Who needs health insurance?

– In Germany, a Compulsory health insurance. – Every person living in Germany must have health insurance, either with a statutory health insurance or a private health insurance. be subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance. You can also take out private insurance.

statutory or private health insurance?

Not everyone may choose between membership in a statutory health insurance and the conclusion of a private health insurance choose:

Employees are in principle subject to compulsory insurance and are only allowed to switch to private health insurance if they have an income that is above the compulsory insurance limit. In 2022, this limit will be 5.362.50 € per month or. 64.350 € per year.
– Be free to choose furthermore self-employed and freelancers, without having to meet special income limits. When they start work, they can either become a voluntary member of a statutory health insurance fund or take out private health insurance with a Provider of their choice insure.

Statutory health insurance (GKV)

The contribution rate of the SHI depends on the general development of costs and can be adjusted by the state at any time.

In addition, you pay Contributions depend on your income. The amount of the contributions is only Contribution assessment ceiling restricted. This is in 2022 4.837,50 € per month.

The maximum amount in the GKV is then including care insurance for a policyholder without children at 933.63 € per month for the year 2022.

Private health insurance usually charges lower contributions, so that you can achieve a premium advantage in addition to better benefits.

Private health insurance (PKV)

The Benefits of the PKV are individually selectable and can be adapted to your coverage requirements. As a rule, the rates of private health insurers are more powerful.

In addition, you can be sure that you will receive the also receive the agreed benefits. In the statutory health insurance, changes can be enforced at any time by politics, which reduce the scope of benefits.

private health insurance remains affordable even in old age. Private health insurers form so-called ageing provisions, which will noticeably reduce the contribution when you draw your pension.

In addition, you have the option of additional tariff for supplementary provisions to choose. This is especially interesting for employees, because the employer must also contribute to the costs of this tariff.

When can I take out private health insurance as an employee??

Also salaried employees can private health insurance, if they meet certain requirements. In principle, employees are compulsorily insured in the statutory health insurance:

– They are allowed to take out private insurance if their income exceeds the Compulsory insurance limit exceeds. This is in 2022 at monthly 5.362,50 €. – The compulsory insurance limit may not be exceeded with the Contribution assessment ceiling can be mixed up. This is in 2022 at 4.837,50 € monthly. – The Contribution assessment ceiling only specifies up to which gross income Statutory health insurance contributions charges.

With one Change to PKV you benefit from better benefits and usually lower contributions. In addition, the employer contributes to the monthly costs for private health insurance as before. Can freelancers. Self-employed also privately insure?Yes, Freelancers and Self-employed can also take out private health insurance. You must pay for PKV no special income limits exceed.

From the start of self-employed or freelance activity they are no longer subject to compulsory insurance and you can choose the Free choice of insurer.

exceptions is only available for some Few occupational groups, who, despite being self-employed, are still compulsorily insured by law. These include for example Artists and publicists.

Private health insurance very good huk coburg

Your private health insurance of HUK-COBURG

Your advantages at a glance

Tailored to you – Individual and needs-based health insurance with 3 high-performance private health insurance tariffs. Favorable. Stable premiums. Reimbursement – Currently up to 2 monthly premiums in the case of no benefits*. Our protection is excellent – Focus Money again awards us the title "Fairest private health insurer" – grade "very good" (ie 4/2022).

* Payout in the Comfort and SelectPro tariff even if invoices for preventive examinations and professional dental cleaning are submitted.

Premium example for the comfort tariff of the PKV

Our contribution example refers to a 30-year-old employee. The maximum contribution payable in statutory health insurance in 2022 is € 933.63 incl. Long-term care insurance (without children) and employer's contribution.

3 tariffs for your individual needs – custom-fit health insurance

With your comprehensive health insurance, you will enjoy individual and need-based private health insurance.

You have the Choice between 3 high-performance PKV tariffs:

Comfort tariff: High-performance and comfortable health care according to your wishes.

SelectPro tariff: For all those who value an optimal price-performance ratio.

E-tariff: The favorable basic protection for new self-employed persons.

Your private health insurance: benefits in comparison

Outpatient treatments

– to 100%

– 80% – 100% for initial treatment by general practitioner, gynecologist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, emergency physician, on-call physician or health partner 2

– 80% – 100% for initial treatment by general practitioner, gynecologist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, emergency physician, on-call physician or health care partner 2

– at 80% – at 100% if generic drugs and preparations of our health care partners 2 are purchased – at 100% from an invoice amount of 2.500 € per calendar year (incl. Remedies 1 )

– at 80% – at 90% if generic drugs and preparations of our health care partners 2 are purchased – at 100% from an invoice amount of 2.500 € per calendar year (incl. Therapeutic products 1 )

– at 80% – at 100% with health partners 2 – 100% from an invoice amount of 2.500 € per calendar year (incl. Medicines 1 )

– at 80% – at 100% from an invoice amount of 2.500 € per calendar year (incl. Medicinal product 1 )

– 100% for aids up to 1.200 € – at 100% for aids over 1.200 € if purchased through a health partner 2 , otherwise at 90%

– at 80% – at 100% for aids over 1.200 € if purchase through a health partner 2

– at 80% – at 90% for aids over 1.200 € if purchased through a health partner 2

– at 60% – at 80% with health partners 2

– at 80% – at 90% if health care partner 2 – up to 50 sessions per calendar year

– at 70% – at 80% with health partner 2 – up to 50 sessions per calendar year

– up to 600 € – up to 750 € if purchased through a health partner 2 within 2 calendar years – lasik operations up to 1.000 €

– up to €300 – up to €350 if purchased through a health care partner 2 within 2 calendar years – lasik operations up to 1.000 €

– up to 100 € – up to 130 € when using a health partner 2 within 2 calendar years – lasik operations up to 400 €

1 Applies in total to all medicines and remedies submitted per calendar year

Inpatient treatments

– Single room – Treatment by chief physician – Free choice of hospital

– Two-bed room – Chief physician treatment – Free choice of hospital

– Multiple-bed room – Ward physician – Free choice of hospital

Dental treatments

– at 100%

– at 100%

– 2 times per calendar year

– 1 time per calendar year

– 80% – 90% for material and laboratory costs when using a healthcare partner 2

– to 60% – to 70% for fee costs when using a health partner 2 – to 80% for material and laboratory costs when using a health partner 2

– up to 60% – up to 70% for material and laboratory costs when using a health partner 2

– up to 80% – up to 90% for material and laboratory costs when using a health partner 2 – no age limit

– at 80% – at 90% for material and laboratory costs when using a health partner 2 – age limit up to 21 years

Reimbursements for dentures, inlays and orthodontics are per insured person

– in 1. Calendar year to 1.000 €, – in the first two calendar years on a total of 2.000 €, – in the first 3 calendar years to a total of 3.000 € limited.

The scale does not apply in the event of an accident.

2 You can find health care partners in your area here or call us at: 09561 963333

Health insurance abroad

– Insurance coverage Europe-wide, up to 2 months worldwide (in case of temporary stay abroad) – Reimbursement of the customary national rates, for planned treatments abroad the reimbursement is limited to German rates

– Including medical repatriation

– No repatriation

Possible deductibles per year

Premium refund in the event of no benefits

Information on long-term care insurance

We recommend that you also take out compulsory long-term care insurance with us along with your health insurance.

It is often difficult to separate illness and care in the event of a claim. Do you have your health insurance and compulsory nursing care insurance with

a insurer, benefits can be provided more quickly and without complications.

By the way: Our service ratio in the calendar year 2018 is 94%. (Report according to § 18 Abs. 3b SGB XI on compliance with the deadlines for assessment)

You would like a personal consultation?

We offer you the possibility to make an instant online call or to make an appointment for a video consultation. In its Map report the Ratingagentur Franke examines. Bornberg annually the administrative cost ratio of the major private health insurers. Repeatedly in the top spot: HUK-COBURG health insurance. With

0,9%, we are once again the only company to remain below the one percent mark.

The Administrative expense ratio shows how carefully an insurer handles the contributions of its customers. Per lower the Quota, the more less customer money are used for Management of contracts required. We are favorable by tradition. Managing your money as efficiently as possible. This means for you, Low premiums with high benefits.

Administrative cost ratios of the largest private health insurers

private health insurance very good huk coburg

Gross administrative expenses as a percentage of gross premiums earned on average for the years 2016 to 2020; source: Map Report 920

By the way: To protect against loss of earnings in the event of prolonged illness, it is advisable to take out supplementary health insurance covering daily sickness allowance.

– General Insurance Conditions for Medical Expenses and Hospital Daily Allowance Insurance – Comfort Tariff – SelectPro Tariff – E-Tariff – Long-Term Care Insurance Tariff PV

Switching to private health insurance is worthwhile! Become a private patient too. Calculate PKV premium online.

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about Corona and your insurance coverage and answered them for you. Our guide also contains general information on protecting your health. Important rules of conduct for everyday life.

"Meine Gesundheit" – Everything from one source, all in one hand

You would like to easily and conveniently receipts and invoices to your Health insurance submit? You need information on health ies, vaccination recommendations and emergency numbers or want to speak to a medical team in an online consultation? The App "My health is your useful companion and helps you with practical functions and up-to-date information – when and where you want it.

Download the HUK app "My Health" free of charge:

For your Android smartphone

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Frequently asked questions about private health insurance

If I receive an insurance card?

No. Of course, we want to make our private health insurance services as easy and convenient as possible for you to use.

The chip card does not help you or us, because it contains, in addition to the name of the insurance company, the name of the patient and his date of birth no further data of the PKV.

Unlike with statutory health insurance, the Do not bill your doctor directly with us via the chip card. The low benefit of this chip card does not justify the arising costs for the PKV.

We do not give this Cost savings with favorable contributions for private comprehensive health insurance to you.

How to submit bills and receipts for reimbursement (benefit check)?

With the Insurance policy you receive the so-called "benefit check, which already contains your address data and the insurance policy number of your health insurance with HUK-COBURG.

Here you carry the Information about your bills and receipts one and already the achievement check can into the dispatch. With every statement you receive a new benefit check from us by mail.

However, you can also do the benefit check online in your personal area "My HUK" print out and then prepare it for mailing.

And with the HUK app "My Health", the whole thing is even more comfortable. Submit your receipts and invoices easily and conveniently via smartphone or tablet without postage and the detour to the post office.

By the way: Use the benefit check or the

HUK app "My Health – then we guarantee fast processing of your benefit claims within two weeks. The two weeks count from the date of receipt by HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung AG – public holidays within this period extend the deadline accordingly.

Should we need more time in exceptional cases, you will receive 10 € as an "apology.

Can I return to statutory health insurance??

A return to the GKV is only under certain conditions possible. you are again subject to compulsory insurance. Have to return to the statutory health insurance.

However, this is only up to 55. year of life possible, after that the way back into the statutory health insurance is blocked.

Can I change the private health insurance tariff at a later date?

In private health insurance, you have Basically the possibility to change tariffs and adjust the insurance coverage to your (new) needs.

– Contains the new tariff additional benefits, who were not insured before, the tariff change is possible with a renewed health check and with Waiting periods connected. – With a change within the full cost tariffs exist generally no waiting periods. Existing Ageing provisions will of course be taken into account and have the effect of reducing your premium. To what extent are spouses. Children insured in the PKV?A family insurance as in the legal health insurance (GKV) there is in the private health insurance (PKV) not. Each person pays a risk-adjusted contribution.

If the Single earner from GKV to PKV changes, ends family insurance for the (non-working) spouse and children.

you would then have to take out voluntary or private health insurance in return for an own contribution in the GKV.

What are aging provisions?

The Contribution to private health insurance consists of three components together:

– A Risk share, with which the health insurance benefits are paid – A Cost share, for administration and benefit processing, for example – A savings portion, the so-called Aging provisions, which may only be used to stabilize premiums for old-age tariffs.

The risk of becoming ill increases significantly with age. Therefore, the private health insurance company will charge a part of the total premium – it initially ranges between about 30 and 50% of the tariff contribution, depending on age, tariff and gender – set aside for old age and interest.

The accumulated ageing provisions are later used for, the cost of the disease increasing with age through private health insurance to cover.

What happens in case of unemployment?

With the Receiving unemployment benefit you are basically subject to the Obligation to join the statutory health insurance (GKV).

At certain conditions there is the possibility to be obligation to be exempted, If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of private health insurance (PHI). However, this exemption is irrevocable.

In the event that you are unable to remain privately insured, we offer Transitional solutions according to your situation.

Just contact us – we will make you an appropriate offer.

How does the deductible change the amount of the premium??

The Deductible is one of the decisive factors for the premium amount in private health insurance.

A higher deductible always means lower premium.

Check nevertheless, whether the agreement of a higher deductible in the private health insurance is worthwhile for you.

When and how to pay premiums for comprehensive health insurance?

The contribution of your PKV is generally due on the first of the month in advance. At semi-annual and annual Payment method we grant Discounts.

You pay your premiums for private health insurance conveniently in the Direct debit or by standing order. For cost reasons, no invoices are sent.

When does the family insurance of children in the statutory health insurance ends?

The family insurance of children in the statutory health insurance (GKV) ends, if the parents are married and the PKV-insured parent a income exceeds the compulsory health insurance limit and regularly more than the GKV-insured parent earns.

How can newborns be co-insured in PKV?

Under certain conditions the Admission of the newborn within the scope of the so-called Children's supplementary insurance possible.

This means that the newborns without a health check and without a waiting period retroactive to the date of birth included in the private health insurance contract.

The following Requirements must be fulfilled for this:

– A Parent is since At least three months insured with the HUK-COBURG health insurance company. – The application respectively. The notification for children's supplementary insurance will within 2 months from the date of birth at the latest submitted. – The insurance chosen for the child Insurance coverage Is not higher or more comprehensive than that of an insured parent.

What to consider during parental leave?

Basically runs private health insurance during parental leave with regular payment of contributions continue.

Since during parental leave however no entitlement to daily sickness benefits exists, you should convert an existing daily sickness allowance insurance policy into a so-called qualifying insurance policy.

At Parental and maternity benefit it concerns government benefits. Therefore, the application and payment is made exclusively through the appropriate state institutions.

What happens in the event of compulsory insurance?

At Occurrence of the insurance obligation in the statutory health insurance can the contractual relationship with the private health insurance within two months on presentation of a corresponding membership certificate of the new insurance fund be dismissed.

In addition, there is the possibility to change the contract continue as a prospective member or to switch to our high-performance supplementary health insurance plans.

Do I receive an employer allowance?

Yes. The employer pays the Half of the contribution for private health insurance and compulsory nursing care insurance (not in the case of a monthly care allowance and the state-subsidized "Pflege-Bahr"), but no more than the subsidy that it pays to the GKV.

The Employer subsidy will be contacted with your salary paid out to you. You then pay the full premium for private health insurance to the insurance company.

What is a qualifying insurance?

Do you have to have your Contract for example due to the Entry of the insurance obligation or for other reasons interrupt or. terminate, then give you in the event of a termination also the rights acquired so far, in particular your Ageing provisions on.

Therefore we recommend to change the contract into a Anwartschaftsversicherung (AWV).

In case of AWV the insurance coverage is suspended without entitlement to benefits. For a small contribution secure your contractual rights.

This means that you return to a later date very simple at favorable conditions to the private insurance coverage backwithout health examination and Waiting time.

You have the choice between two variants:

The small AWV: During the small AWV you do not pay in any aging provisions – you therefore interrupt the savings process. The extent to which the entry age and thus the contributions change depends on the duration of the small AWV.

The big AWV: During the major AWV, insureds age 21 and older continue to pay into aging provisions. If the AWV lives up, your contract has the same conditions as an uninterrupted contract.

You have an urgent question about medical or legal ies?

Just pick up the phone.

Medical service hotline
Under 09561 9694039 you can reach our medical hotline. Here you can inform yourself about treatment methods, medications, vaccinations as well as special clinics and specialists.

Legal service hotline
Under 09561 9694129 you reach our legal hotline. There you will receive legal advice. Assistance with questions about z. B. Billing and any diagnostic/treatment errors.

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