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Markus LanzSince he took over the dusty cult show "Wetten dass", at the latest. " has taken over, Markus Lanz is the focus of public criticism. After his clumsy treatment of Sahra Wagenknecht, the farce culminates in a petition against Lanz as part of the public television program. Read more here.

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Sandra Maischberger talkt twice a week : Finally offer competition to Lanz

In the future, ARD will be broadcasting "Maischberger" twice in the week. With the Ukraine war come more. More women on the talk shows. As knowledgeable experts, as Barbara Sichtermann notes By Joachim Huber more

Strack-Zimmermann on concerns about escalation: "We must not allow ourselves to be constantly influenced by military scenarios" Sebastian Vettel in interview with Luisa Neubauer: "I don't want to say I'm the role model now" Energy supplies in times of crisis: Soder wants to examine fracking in Germany "with an open mind"

Corona loosening at the television : Lanz talk remains without studio audience – and the others?

During the corona pandemic, it was not possible for TV shows to fill auditoriums. Relaxations change the situation. How TV talk shows react. By Anna Ringle more

Maischberger talk in the future on Tuesday and on Wednesday : Expansion of the combat zone

ARD wants to have found an antidote to Markus Lanz: Sandra Masichberger talkts twice a week By Joachim Huber more

Mainzelmann is ahead: ZDF on record course: 15.2 percent market share Reconstruction plans for ARD programming: The DNA of Ersten

– 06.12.2021 5:26 p.m. Talk without Lauterbach is possible, but pointless Talk shows must now carry mourning.

This is the end. "Anne Will" and "Markus Lanz" will have to do without their favorite guest: Karl Lauterbach becomes health minister. A gloss. By Joachim Huber more

"heute-journal", "TODAY SHOW", "Markus Lanz": Why the second is the first on German television. A commentary By Joachim Huber more

Higher and higher incidences: The question of whether viewers should go to the talk show studio divides the industry. By Markus Ehrenberg more

Philosopher Precht puts his skeptical comments on Corona vaccinations for children into perspective. But he stands by his warning against too much prere on parents.

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