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Product visualization for Kimball: healthcare context2013 xoio was commissioned by Kimball Office – a us furniture manufacturer – to illustrate their new healthcare brochure. Kimball furniture in the context of healthcare. Very exciting. So we started to think of rooms that literally give off clinic smells…

We were given a brief that specified functions and furniture assignments in each room – everything else was conceived, illustrated and agreed with the client in a very nice and purposeful process. In addition to Kimball's furniture, the brochure shows a variety of elements created individually for the context – from CT to artificial specimen on the desk to clipboards – everything is there. Honestly – this was great fun!

Thanks to Kimball Office for all the freedom and a great project.

Customer feedback (Sam Smugala, Kimball Office):

"Oh my goodness! These are looking great!"

Product visualizations in the context of health care – Kimball Office

Client: Kimball Office

Artists: Gregor Gleibs, Steve Pfaffe

PM/CD: Bettina Ludwig

Visualizations for marketing brochure (print)

Space – and image conception, 3D production

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