Proper sauna is healthy and what to consider

Taking a proper sauna – this is how it's done!Sauna is healthy: It is said that regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and prevent colds. Is that right? And what to consider when going to the sauna?

Sauna against the winter blues: Especially when it's cold, wet and uncomfortable outside, a visit to the sauna is a real treat. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the heat. But no matter what the season: regular saunas have a positive effect on the body and the soul. And your health also benefits. The strong temperature differences bring the metabolism up to speed and strengthen the immune system. Here you can find out what happens to your body in the saun a, what you should bear in mind and what different types of sauna there are.

The basics of sauna:

What happens to the body in the sauna?

As relaxing as a visit to the sauna may be, it is always a challenge for the body: within a very short time, the skin warms up by three to ten degrees and the body temperature rises by about two degrees. That's about as much as you get for a fever. The consequence? To regulate the heat, we start to sweat – and not too little. We lose just under 17 milliliters of sweat per minute. This means that we lose about half a liter of fluid per sauna session of about a quarter of an hour. The hot temperatures also have an effect on our blood vessels. These expand. Let more blood circulate. This also increases our pulse, initially by approx. 20 percent. At the same time, our blood prere drops, w hich causes people w ith low blood prere to feel somewhat "dizzy" while taking a sauna.

Cooling down after the sauna is classically done by immersion in cold water or in the fresh air. The stark difference in temperature stimulates the circulation and metabolism. The blood vessels contract again due to the cold stimulus. This constant change of temperatures trains your vessels. In addition also your defense forces. Your body produces antibodies that help to prevent infections. If you already have a cold, however, you should rather avoid the sauna visit. Viruses spread even faster in the heat, and saunas are also strenuous for your body. If you are already weakened by the flu, the sauna can overload your circulation and heart.

Positive effects of sauna bathing

– Your blood vessels are trained – Purification: Through sweating, waste products are flushed out – Blood prere is lowered – Beneficial for the respiratory tract: Mucous membranes are supplied with more blood – Strengthening of the immune system: Through the hot temperatures, defense cells are formed – Relaxation: Your muscles and your psyche can relax

Tips for the sauna

There's no question that a visit to the sauna does your body and health a world of good. But only if you also master the art of sweating. There are a few things to keep in mind.

What do you need for the sauna visit?

– A sauna towel – Bathing slippers – A large towel (a bathrobe is also really practical) – Shower gel – Water

Comfortable at order:

You should keep this in mind:

– It is best to eat your last meal one or two hours before going to the sauna, so that you have something in your stomach. It is not advisable to go to the sauna on an empty stomach or directly after a meal. – Drink enough: After all, your body loses a lot of fluid when you take a sauna. Take a shower before going to the sauna. Clean your skin with shower gel. – Take off bracelets and watches, these can heat up in the sauna and cause burns. – Breathe calmly, especially in connection with infusions: This way the bronchial tubes are well supplied with blood. – 6 to 15 minutes per sauna session is quite sufficient. Especially if the sauna is very hot, the sauna should not last too long. – Sauna beginners should first take a seat on the lower rows. – Cool down properly: After sweating, you should first cool off in the air for a few minutes and then take a cold shower first. – Lift your feet and relax: After cooling down, allow your body approx. 20 to 30 minutes of rest. Optimal are approx. Three sauna sessions.

Drinking bottles – found on

The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is probably the best known type of sauna. Not without reason: in Finland almost every household has its own sauna. At ca. 5.4 million inhabitants, the Finns have a population of about. 2 million saunas. Most often, these are wood-paneled cabins where the benches are located at different heights. Water infusions usually raise the temperature to 70 or 100 degrees. In Finland the temperature is even cranked up to 120 degrees. Humidity is between 10 and 30 percent. The f innish sauna is visited naked . The sauna towel is only used to protect the wood.

The steam bath

The most common forms of steam baths are the caldarium (Roman steam bath) and the hammam (Turkish steam bath). Also known is the Russian steam bath called Banja. With steam baths the temperatures are usually "only" at ca. 50 degrees, but the humidity reaches 100 percent. This is why a visit to a steam room feels much warmer. Due to the high humidity, a steam bath is especially recommended for people with respiratory diseases: The steam has a positive effect on the lungs and bronchial tubes, just like inhalation.

The bio sauna

For beginners, children, older people with circulatory problems, the bio sauna or sanarium is the most ideal introductory option. It is a lighter version of the Finnish sauna, because in a bio sauna the temperature is only about 50 or 60 degrees. For it the air humidity lies however between 40 and 55 per cent. A visit to a bio-sauna is considered to be very beneficial to the skin and health. We often combine it with light therapy.

The mobile sauna

With the mobile version, you can make your dream of having your own sauna at home come true. This type of sauna comes in many different shapes and models. Especially popular is the so-called barrel sauna, which because of its shape is reminiscent of a beer barrel lying on its side. Prerequisite for the mobile sauna is, of course, a suitable site. The classic here is your own garden. The beauty of this sauna is that you can design it according to your taste and preferences.


Correct sauna is sauna healthy and what to consider

Proper sauna is sauna healthy and what to consider

Proper sauna is sauna healthy and what to consider

Correct sauna is sauna healthy and what is there to consider

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