Prostate cancer prevention u. Consultation specialist center in hamburg at the kampnagelfabrik

Prostate cancerThe prostate carcinoma is the most frequent tumor disease in men. Every year, this cancer is diagnosed in Germany in about 60.000 patients are diagnosed with prostate cancer – on average at the age of 69 – about 12.000 men die from it. But prostate cancer detected early is easily treatable, whereas a far more advanced stage can severely limit your quality of life.

Possible symptoms of prostate disease

– Difficulties with urination (z. B. Changes in the urinary stream) – Pain when urinating – Frequent urination at night – Blood in the urine or ejaculate – Erectile dysfunction – Problems with bowel movements

Prostate cancer screening and consultation specialist center in hamburg at the kampnagelfabrik

We minimize your risk

This is why you should definitely talk to our urologist about the topic of cancer screening. Because: Prostate cancer belongs to the malignant carcinomas that can lead to metastases in the bones, lymph nodes or other organs. From the age of 45. At the age of 18, health insurance companies pay for a prostate examination, which, however, only includes palpation of the prostate. To be absolutely sure, urologists also recommend transrectal ultrasound and determination of the PSA value (prostate specific antigen). As a man with an increased risk, however, you should already consider precautionary early detection at the age of 40. You are at increased risk if, for example, your brother, father or grandfather has prostate cancer. In general, the risk of prostate cancer increases with age. In men younger than 40 years of age, it is almost impossible to develop prostate cancer between the ages of 40 and 44. 2 of 100.000 men with prostate cancer, from 70-74 upwards it is over 700.

First signs of prostate cancer

You should become aware of the following symptoms: If you have difficulty urinating (e.g. weaker urine stream) or have to go out very often at night, if you have problems with bowel movements or suddenly lose weight, please make an appointment with us. Our urologist can examine whether the cause of these symptoms is actually a malignant tumor or perhaps just an enlargement of the prostate.

How we detect prostate cancer early

In addition to palpation, our urology department offers PSA testing and ultrasound (TRUS) of the prostate. These examinations give an even better picture of the chestnut-sized organ. If prostate cancer is suspected, our urologist offers ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy. In this procedure, 12 samples are taken from the prostate gland and examined for fine tie. In the event of a confirmed prostate carcinoma, our specialist Dr. med. Alexandra Pust comprehensively and competently about the treatment options available to you. These differ mainly in how early the cancer was discovered and whether the tumor has already spread or not. But even at an advanced stage, treatment has a good chance of success.

A clinical picture can have many causes. That is why we practice interdisciplinary medicine in our specialist center at the Kampnagelfabrik. That means: We organize the medicine around you. Quite different from what you have known so far. Depending on your illness, you will be treated by various specialists working hand in hand. Because only with interdisciplinary diagnoses. therapies we can provide for your best possible treatment success. And you have only one route to all specialists.

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