Prostate problems prostate problems in men pascoe

Prostate complaintsThe prostate resp. Prostate gland is a chestnut-shaped organ that surrounds the male urethra. When enlarged, it obstructs the undisturbed flow of urine. This may result in changes or. Complaints during urination. Since the noticeable symptoms for men do not yet give any clue as to the cause, men over the age of 50 should be tested for PRA. The patient should regularly go to a urologist's office for a preventive check-up before the age of 18. Natural medicine can provide good support, especially for mild symptoms.

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What is prostatitis?

Prostate tie can also become inflamed. The physician refers to prostatitis. It can be acute or chronic prostatitis. Often, but not always, it occurs in connection with a bacterial infection or a bacterial infection. Inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract, causing pain during urination and ejaculation.

What can man do about prostate symptoms?

There is a whole range of measures that help with prostate problems – both preventative and alleviating. Please always remember that such complaints associated with benign enlargement are usually a typical symptom of our western lifestyle!

prostate problems prostate problems in men pascoe


– Eat regularly, but moderately! – Try to reach your normal weight or. to maintain (BMI < 25). - Treiben Sie regelmabig Sport. (3-mal pro Woche mindestens 30 Min. Ausdauer). - Essen Sie reichlich Fisch - mindestens 2-mal wochentlich (Omega-3-Fettsauren). - Schranken Sie Ihren Konsum an tierischen Fetten ein. - Bevorzugen Sie ungesattigte Fettsauren (z. B. Olivenol oder Rapsol).

prostate problems prostate problems in men pascoe

– Eat regularly broccoli, soy products, cooked tomatoes, garlic. – Take a lot of dietary fiber (vegetables, whole grain products, psyllium husks) – Use the supporting power of pumpkin seeds in the long run. – Avoid red meat! (tartar, raw steak) – Provide yourself with vitamin E (dietary supplements or wheat germ oil).

Is there natural medicine for prostate symptoms?

Natural medicine offers good support, especially for milder symptoms. The saw palmetto (Sabal serrulatum) has proved particularly effective. It is one of the 4 herbal ingredients of Uro-Pasc ® tablets.

prostate problems prostata probleme beim mann pascoe

My dream since I was a schoolchild was to study biology so that I could do “something with nature” later on. This dream became reality: I studied biology in Greifswald and Ulm and then found my professional home in naturopathy. Since 2001 I am part of the medical-scientific team of Pascoe Naturmedizin. As a specialist consultant, I am v.a. responsible for scientific product information, with homeopathy and lymph being my main areas of focus.

Our texts and brochures are mainly written by Pascoe employees. They are professionally and scientifically reviewed by in-house experts – pharmacists, (human) biologists and nutritionists – for content and legal ies.


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