Psychosomatic acute treatment and rehabilitation

Best chances for your healthPsychosomatic illnesses are often "difficult illnesses, they are difficult to grasp and manage. You have many symptoms that do not always fit together, you have many causes that are not easy to understand. Physical symptoms are usually accompanied by psychological suffering.

In order to successfully treat depression, nutritional disorders, neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma and many other health disorders, therapy must focus on the "whole person" and offer a holistic, complex treatment program. In the clinics of Kur + Reha GmbH, we therefore work according to a bio-psycho-social, systemic approach and thus support the patients in rediscovering their own possibilities and finding ways out of the illness.

Psychosomatic acute treatment is.

– Therapy for severe crises and illnesses. If you are suffering from mental, psychosomatic or psychogenic illnesses and outpatient therapy is not sufficient, if your illness has reached a threatening stage, your doctor will refer you to the Thure von Uexkull Clinic for acute inpatient treatment in order to prevent further harm to you in the short term – a medically necessary health measure in the case of acute psychosomatic illnesses, which is arranged by your doctor.

Psychosomatic rehabilitation is.

– a four-week inpatient rehabilitation program that helps you to get a grip on psychosomatic illnesses in the long term and to develop perspectives for your life – a medically necessary health measure in the case of chronic psychosomatic illnesses, the necessity of which is confirmed by your doctor in a certificate – a pension insurance benefit that covers the costs after examination – a comprehensive treatment program that helps you if the outpatient therapy at your place of residence is no longer sufficient

Holistic therapy for complex diseases

Highly qualified interdisciplinary teams are at your side on your way to a healthier life. We clarify the physical aspects of your illness in thorough examinations and offer intensive medical and psychological support and treatment.

The therapy follows proven, indication-specific programs that are individually adapted to your needs. It includes medical treatment, psychological counseling, active physiotherapy, sports and exercise therapy, relaxation exercises and health education. In addition, there are creative activities, time for discussions and, of course, rest and relaxation. To ensure the success of your treatment, your therapy plan is continuously reviewed and adjusted.

Important: we distinguish between inpatient and day-care acute treatment (hospital treatment) and rehabilitation. The treatment and its goals differ, the services are not identical.

Psychosomatic acute treatment and rehabilitation

Acute treatment and rehabilitation in the clinics of Kur + Reha GmbH – many advantages for you!

The non-profit Kur + Reha GmbH is a company of the Paritatischer Wohlfahrtsverband Baden-Wurttemberg, which specializes in holistic psychosomatic medicine. You have come to the right place – both for acute treatment and rehabilitation.

Our offers provide you with many advantages:

– Indication-appropriate therapy concepts at the cutting edge of medicine with binding therapy plans – Competent, interdisciplinary teams under medical direction – Modern clinics in historic buildings – Modern rooms and therapy facilities – Leisure and creative activities

Of course we have certified quality management systems. What is psychosomatic acute treatment. What is psychosomatic rehabilitation?? How to apply for it? Which clinic offers the best therapy? Those who need psychosomatic treatment have many questions. You will find the answers on our website. If you want to know more, your first point of contact is usually your doctor. Your doctor, your health insurance company or a rehab counseling center of the German Pension Insurance.

We are also happy to help you in our clinics. If you have cost approval, you can make your rehab appointment directly with the clinic.

Patient telephone REHA Thure von Uexkull clinic 07684 / 90 69 104 Patient telephone AKUT Thure von Uexkull clinic 07684 / 90 69 103 Patient telephone Rehaklinik Buching 08368 / 79 0 Patient telephone Rehaklinik Kandertal 07626 / 902 200 Patient telephone Rehaklinik Birkenbuck 07626 / 902 373

You can also get help with your application from the DRV rehabilitation counseling centers. Applications for rehabilitation for families as well as for family-oriented addiction rehabilitation at the Birkenbuck Rehabilitation Clinic are processed quickly and without complications by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Wurttemberg (German Pension Insurance Baden-Wurttemberg).

Acute treatment

Psychosomatic acute treatment – individual therapy for severe crises. Psychosomatic acute treatment is very much tailored to the individual case.

Four clinics for your health

Psychosomatic specialist clinics: Kur + Reha GmbH is a nationally recognized specialist in psychosomatic medicine.

Information material

Download brochures, leaflets, specialist concepts or order them free of charge.


Entering new perspectives for a healthier life. Rehabilitation is a special opportunity for people with chronic psychosomatic illnesses.

Frequently asked questions and tips

Psychosomatic acute treatment or rehabilitation? Which clinic is the right one for me? Who pays the costs? There are many questions that simply have to be asked.

Specializations and specialized concepts

Therapy appropriate to the indication – optimal help. In the psychosomatic clinics of Kur + Reha GmbH, we use a holistic approach to pull out all the stops for your health.

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