Psychosomatics and psychotherapy at the freising clinic

Psychosomatics and psychotherapyWe treat people in whose complaints psychological influences play a role – whether in causing the complaints or as a consequence of an illness. In doing so, we look at the whole person: his or her body with evtl. existing illnesses, his or her soul with its conflicts, his or her family and/or. social environment and relationships.

We represent an understanding psychosomatics on the basis of depth psychologically oriented psychotherapy, in which elements of behavioral therapy are incorporated. The goal is to work with patients to gain insight into the often hidden causes and conditions of their suffering and to help them find better ways of coping with their problems. The active cooperation of the patient is always important.

Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy Klinikum freising

Main focus

Be treated in our psychosomatic department:

– life crises – mental disorders without physical complaints (z.B. anxiety disorders, depressions) – certain personality disorders – physical disorders without pathological organ findings (somatoform disorders) – psychosomatic diseases with organ findings – physical diseases with mental consequences requiring treatment – selected trauma sequelae disorders

Some clinical pictures are treated in the department of psychosomatics and psychotherapy not treats. This includes e.g.B. serious addictive disorders, psychoses (e.g.B. schizophrenia, manias) and brain-organic diseases (z.B. dementia).

Treatment methods

– analytically oriented individual and group therapy – concentrative movement therapy – art therapy – socio-educational counseling / social skills training – psychoeducation, z.B. workshop for patients with somatoform disorders – trauma-specific stabilization and resource activation – behavioral therapy methods (z.B. Anxiety exposure training "skills training") – Relaxation methods (z.B. Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson) – Couple and family discussions – Sports and creative activities – Milieu therapy

Inpatient treatment

One of the focal points of our inpatient work is the treatment of patients with physical complaints of psychological origin (somatoform disorders); less frequently, patients with chronic physical illnesses who cannot cope mentally with the consequences. Furthermore, we also treat other mental disorders, such as z. B. Anxiety, depression or personality disorders. The multimodal inpatient concept for our 22 patients includes, in addition to medical care, depth-psychological individual and group psychotherapy, concentrative movement therapy, art therapy, discussions with the specialized nursing staff, physiotherapy, relaxation methods, and socio-educational counseling.

Inpatient admission

Each inpatient admission is preceded by a preliminary diagnostic interview to clarify the indication for treatment. This takes place in our department by one of the senior physicians. Please make an appointment in advance by telephone. The costs of the treatment are covered by the statutory health insurance companies, provided that the indication and justification are appropriate. In the case of privately insured patients, it is advisable to clarify in advance whether the costs will be covered.

Psychosomatic day clinic (partial inpatient treatment)

The day clinic combines the advantages of intensive inpatient psychotherapy with the possibility for patients to remain integrated in their usual social environment during treatment.

The day clinic is therefore suitable for patients who need intensive multimodal psychotherapy for a few weeks, but do not need or want full inpatient treatment. On the other hand, patients can make use of this service after inpatient treatment as a transition to everyday life. The therapies take place from Monday to Friday.

Monthly info evening of the psychosomatic department

The Department of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy at Freising Hospital regularly offers the opportunity to get an idea of its treatment options – first-hand and directly on site. In addition to general information on both inpatient and day-care treatment, there will be an opportunity to ask personal questions or to arrange an individual, detailed preliminary discussion with the attending physicians. The offer is not only directed at people who need psychosomatic help themselves, but also at their relatives and confidants, as well as practicing doctors or therapists.

The event takes place, with the exception of holidays, every first Wednesday of the month at 17.00 a.m. in the auditorium of the Freising Clinic. This is located in the 1.Untergerschoss. Is easily accessible by elevator.The lecture room is located on the lower ground floor and is easily accessible by elevator. Participation is free of charge.

Note: After the event had to take place online in recent months due to the Corona pandemic, a face-to-face meeting will be possible again starting in July! However, strict hygiene regulations still apply. The number of participants is therefore limited.

Registration by name prior to the event via the secretary's office of the psychosomatic department of the hospital is required: [email protected] Recently Dr. Bruno Schroder about his experiences. Observations as a therapist during the Corona pandemic. Bruno Schroder on his experiences. Observations as a therapist during the Corona pandemic. It became clear how this exceptional time puts a physical and mental strain on many people. And also for the department of psychosomatics. Psychotherapy it was organizationally not easy times. Read the interview with Dr. Bruno Schroder.

Psychosomatics and psychotherapy clinic freising

Our psychosomatic and psychotherapy team

Psychosomatics and psychotherapy at the freising clinic

Head physician, stv. Medical Director of the Freising Clinic

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