Psychotherapies what can help the soul br know

Anxiety, compulsions, depressive moods or addictive behavior diminish the joy of life. According to the German Psychotherapists Association, more than a quarter of all adults in Germany are affected by a mental disorder at least once in their lives. The most common diagnoses are depression and anxiety disorders. Psychotherapy can help people cope better with their psychological lows.

When the prere of suffering becomes too great

Many sufferers conceal or suppress their despair for fear of stigmatization. But when the soul suffers too much, it is no longer possible without help. Finally, in the case of organic complaints, people would quickly turn to a drug to relieve the pain. When it comes to mental illness, however, the conversation is the treatment. The use of psychotropic drugs is only recommended for serious disorders and can only be prescribed by psychiatrists. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, means treatment in conversation between therapist and patient.

Mental illnesses hinder work performance

Psychotherapies what can help the soul br know

Feelings of guilt and self-doubt block one's own actions.

Mental illnesses are the second most common cause of incapacity for work. In 2019, the proportion of days absent from work among female workers reached. The number of days lost by employees due to mental illness peaked at around 260 days per 100 insured persons, an increase of ten percent. This is the result of an analysis of sick leave by the DAK health insurance fund. Musculoskeletal disorders are in first place with 21.2 percent of all cases. The proportion of mental illnesses rose to 17 percent and respiratory ailments such as coughs and colds to 14.5 percent. The Absenteeism Report 2020 of the AOK health insurers comes to similar figures. Here, too, absenteeism due to mental illnesses has moved into second place for the first time, at 11.9%. Since 2008, they have increased by 67.5 percent.

Mental illnesses burden the soul and the entire environment

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