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Pug in breed portrait: character, appearance, originThe pug is a real clown in dog fur. He enriches every family. Is also suitable for beginners. Here's all the info on the droll little guys.

The pug is a very special dog. You just have to love him. © iStock

There is probably no other dog that makes so many people happy as the Pug does.

The small, crumpled animal with the short legs, the flat face and the nature of a true comedian already inspired Chinese emperors thousands of years ago.

In the 16. and 17. In the nineteenth century, the pug became the fashion dog of the European aristocracy. In recent times to the mascot of the German humorist Loriot.

The pug: a small, cute main prize

Today the pug is still one of the most popular dog breeds among pets. Its character makes it a loyal companion in need of love, and anyone who chooses the Pug as a pet dog gains a real whirlwind as a new family member.

But where does the small dog actually come from? What makes his nature so special. Why does the pug look so crumpled?? Learn all important information about the breed in our breed portrait.

How big is a pug?

Pugs belong to the small dog breeds and have an average height at the withers between 25 and 35 cm. There are slight differences between a male and a female pug.

As with almost all other dog breeds, adult Pug females are slightly smaller than males. They reach an average height at the withers between 25 and 30 cm, while males can grow up to 35 cm tall. Regardless of whether it is a bitch or a male: the pug is thus a quite handy dog.

– Size specification – L: 19 x W: 10 x H: 2.5 cm

How heavy is a pug?

The FCI, the largest governing body for breeders in the world, indicates the ideal weight of the breed between six and eight kilograms. However, this is only a guideline for breeders. In reality, the dogs can weigh up to 13 kilograms, depending on their genetic makeup, diet and exercise.

Females are generally somewhat lighter than males, although the differences in pugs are rather minimal.

What does a pug look like?

Pugs are characterized by a very compact, almost square body and firm muscles.

The head

Unique distinguishing feature in this dog is especially the head. The Pug has a wrinkled face with round, bulging eyes, a very flat muzzle, a barely protruding nose, which is almost or completely covered by a nose wrinkle and small floppy ears.

The coat

The coat is short, smooth and soft. It comes in the colors silver, cream or black. In the face, the fur usually gets darker towards the muzzle, so it is also popular to say that Pugs wear "black masks". In addition to the wrinkles on the face are also neck-. chest folds are a feature of the small dogs.

Change of appearance over the years

The face, which is very flat nowadays, is an intentional characteristic of the breed. Originally, the dog had a longer snout and more prominent nose, but breeders in the early days of pug breeding considered them "unattractive" and bred them away over time.

Because this short-nosedness often causes health problems with Pugs, a longer snout is now favored again in breeding.

In some countries, pug breeding is now even banned or restricted if certain characteristics are not abolished. This includes, for example, too thick fur folds that cover the eyes and nose.

How old does a pug become?

Typical of small dog breeds, the life expectancy for Pugs is higher than larger dogs, averaging 12 to 15 years of age. Some animals can be in good health. Care even older.

What character or. what is the nature of the pug?

The breed is popular with people not only because of its appearance, but especially because of its typical character and traits.

The small fur balls are considered extremely playful and people-oriented. If they are showered with love, they are the happiest and return the affection twice. They do not tolerate loneliness so well, they prefer to live in the midst of their (extended) family and keep their people happy with all kinds of fun and mischief.

Instead of hunting instinct and urge to move, the small dog mainly brings a great need for cuddling and its sociability, which is why it is also considered a popular senior dog.

The Pug loves children, is almost always friendly to other people and dogs, and traits such as increased aggressiveness towards other people and animals are almost unknown.

The pug rarely barks. If he is not satisfied with something or wants more attention (or another treat), he can instead resort to an impressive repertoire of communication tools, from grunts to snorts to grumbles.

Where does the pug come from?

The Pug is one of the oldest breeding dogs in the world. Already about 2.In ancient China, the Pug was probably bred from dogs similar to the Great Dane, and was considered a valuable status symbol, often reserved only for the Chinese emperors.

From China, the dog arrived at the Dutch royal court in the 1500s and from there established itself as a lovable, playful and slightly stubborn salon dog of the European aristocracy.

Initially, the popularity of the funny dogs declined in the meantime. But then at the beginning of the 20. Since then they have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

– Compatible with APP + Alexa: the robot can be controlled either by the smartphone APP or by the voice instructions through Alexa and the cleaning tasks.

Pug: The right attitude and education

The faithful animals are social dogs and not sportsmen. They live perfectly happily even in smaller spaces and do not necessarily need a garden, as long as they get outside every day.

They are not suitable for jogging or as a companion on long bike rides. Nevertheless, sufficient exercise should be ensured, as the dog loves food above all else and tends not to stop eating by itself.

These little dogs have strong personalities even as puppies and, although they often seem a bit dorky, are also quite intelligent. Already with puppies value should be attached to a loving, but also consistent education, because they show a very lively temperament especially at a young age and (still) know no limits.

Since Pugs are very people-oriented and want to please their masters and mistresses, the education of Pugs is rather easy. Thus, Pugs belong to the beginner dogs. Are therefore also well suited for first-time dog owners.

What care does the pug need?

The lovable dogs are more or less easy to care for. Their heavily furred coats should be brushed often, and their ears, eyes, and nose should be checked and cleaned regularly. If you have a problem with dog hair in the apartment, you are more likely to have a problem with the pug. We recommend then rather dogs, which hair little.

In terms of nutrition, you should always be guided by the age and weight of the animal, but be careful: The small dogs tend to overweight quickly with too much food and too little exercise.

You should pay special attention to the facial wrinkles when caring for your dog. These should be regularly cleaned and kept supple, especially after meals or after outdoor activities.

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