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Pure relaxation: on this 3-chamber pillow you sleep like in a luxury hotelPlease mark the corresponding words in the text. With only two clicks you report the error to the editorial office.

This manufacturer supplies luxury hotels worldwide! With the 3-chamber pillow from federiko you bring the premium quality of a star hotel into your bedroom. The high-quality luxury pillow in two selectable degrees of hardness invites to dreaming. Sleeping comfort and a feeling of well-being – from 59 euros your thoughts can take a vacation.

The premium 3-chamber pillow from federiko is unique within its product category. It not only sets new standards in terms of quality and comfort, but also adapts perfectly to the needs of its user. The high-quality pillow is made in Germany and is available in different sizes and fillings at an absolutely fair price-performance ratio. The manufacturer supplies luxury hotels – perhaps you have already enjoyed such a pillow on your last vacation. For the 40x80cm pillow you pay only 59 euros, the 80×80 cm pillow is already available for 79 euros. A night in a luxury hotel costs much more.

High quality in three chambers

The unique federiko pillow is composed of three differently filled chambers. The special feature: Thanks to this division, the filling remains where it is needed and does not slip. Knobbly fillings on only one side of the pillow are a thing of the past. The
Inner chamber is with 100 percent feathers filled. Due to the firmness in the middle, the cervical spine is comfortably supported. Take care of your feeling. All three chambers are with 100 percent certified down. feathers of the class I from German enterprises filled. All three chambers are filled with 100 percent certified down. filled with class I feathers from German farms. This gives you the feeling of being in a comfortable hotel bed like in a 5-star resort to lay.

The outer shell as well as the partitions of the chambers and even the piping are made of unbleached 100 percent cotton manufactured. The inlet is also down-proof, so no small quills will prick or disturb you during your well-deserved sleep. On the outside, the pillow feels wonderfully fluffy and fluffy thanks to untreated cotton.

Which pillow size should I choose?

You can get the federiko pillow in two sizes: 80×80 cm and 40×80 cm. The large pillow is ideal for leaning and relaxing, reading, watching TV or having breakfast in bed. The small pillow effectively supports your neck while you sleep. Both sizes are available in soft (high down content) or plump (higher fill quantity) versions.

Which pillow filling is right for me?

The soft pillow variant has a higher down content and offers several advantages as a high-quality feather content: Due to the loose composition of the fine down, they store a lot of air and still remain light, fluffy and voluminous. The plump pillow, on the other hand, has a slightly higher spring content, which provides more weight and shape stability.

Our recommendation: Choose the soft one for sleeping. If you are looking for a pillow to lean on and relax on, or if you like to sleep on a slightly firmer pillow, then choose the plump version. You know it from the expensive luxury hotels from all over the world: not only one pillow adorns the queen size bed. The choice brings you flexibility. Optimum comfort in any situation.

No more dust mites or allergies

Yes! Thanks to the award of the "NOMITE seal of approval", the pillow is suitable for house dust allergy sufferers. Due to the down-proof fabric, mites have no chance to penetrate the skin. Interior designers of the large hotel chains also attach great importance to this in order to offer the perfect stay even to allergic guests.

Free shipping and hygienic delivery

federiko pillows provide you with the relaxing sleep feeling of a luxury hotel with all-inclusive flair: From 60 Euro purchase value your pillow comes free of shipping costs to your home and beautifies your relaxing moments. Sit back and enjoy the highest quality – federiko sets the highest standards for its products. All products are handmade in Germany under the highest standards, this is exactly what distinguishes the values of federiko.

Nevertheless, to meet the requirements of a hygiene product each box disinfected from the inside. Each product is individually packaged. To save packing dimensions slightly compressed. shake the products gently after receipt and convince yourself of the excellent and fluffy quality of the handmade pillows.

federiko: Luxury pillows from Germany

federiko relies on high-quality, convenient raw materials for its products like from a luxury hotel. The federiko pillow is characterized by longevity. At the same time it provides a fluffy base and shape retention. Convince yourself of the 5-star quality of a federiko pillow. Discover the range inspired by luxury hotels. Interest in this. Many more exciting deals? Subscribe to the Deals Newsletter now.✓ New deals at top prices every week ✓ Conveniently receive exclusive deal offers in your inbox ✓ High quality offers recommended by our experts

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