Quiris healthcare bladder health

Bladder Health

Burning when urinating and frequent urges to urinate are classic signs of a weakened bladder. So that the complaints subside again, the bladder can be strengthened gently.

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Strengthen the bladder

After respiratory infections, such bladder problems are among the most common bacterial diseases, with more than 20 million people affected annually. Women in particular suffer: More than half experience a weakened bladder at least once in their lives, and one in five experience it several times a year.

Improvement possible by natural means

A sensitive bladder severely limits the quality of life: A visit to the swimming pool, long evenings in the beer garden or a concert in the open air can not be enjoyed carefree. The fact that women in particular are so often affected is due to their much shorter urethra compared to men's. It facilitates the ascent of germs through the urethra into the bladder. 80 percent are E.coli bacteria from the own intestine main cause of bladder problems. For therapy, the doctor often prescribes antibiotics. But that's not necessary in every case: New studies show that most uncomplicated conditions can often also be treated well with herbal bladder protection preparations. The attending physicians or the pharmacy staff are well informed about the therapy options.

What you can do for a healthy bladder

Quiris healthcare bladder health

Sufficient drinking supports the bladder-kidney system

With the following measures you can support your bladder-kidney system sustainably.

– Always keep yourself sufficiently warm, especially the feet. Drink You enough, but avoid diuretic drinks. – Avoid stress and train your pelvic floor. – Strengthen your immune system with healthy diet.

Selecting specific nutrients can make a big difference in bladder health. For example, cranberries in particular complement a balanced diet thanks to their numerous health-promoting ingredients. Vitamin B2 helps maintain healthy mucous membranes, z. B. also in the bladder.

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Cranberry – plant power from America

Quiris healthcare bladder health

The cranberry is a close relative of the cranberry

The cranberry, also known as the large-fruited cranberry, originates from North America and has long been valued by Native Americans there for its positive effects on bladder health and general well-being. It belongs to the heather family. It is a close relative of the cranberry. The fruit has firm flesh. A tart and sour taste. It is particularly rich in vitamin C and is characterized by many valuable secondary plant compounds such as proanthocyanidins. Combined with vitamin B2, which helps maintain healthy mucous membranes, cranberries are an important component in maintaining bladder health.

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