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About the outpatient examinationThe outpatient examination in the outpatient clinic of the Psychosomatic Clinic aims to conduct a detailed survey of the complaints in both the physical and psychological areas. The history and course of the symptoms, the subjective significance of these symptoms for the patient, restrictions on the quality of life, the current living situation and the biography are taken into account. Additionally relevant are all treatments that have been carried out in the medical field so far: Hospitalizations and surgeries as well as outpatient treatments and examinations. Also relevant are medications currently being taken, their effects, and intolerances to medications already taken and discontinued. Physician's letters are. Findings of the last years are taken into account. All this together serves the careful diagnosis, which leads after consultation to a therapy recommendation. Patients receive a wide range of information from us about the clinical picture and treatment options as well as the risks of treatment, and patients are involved in the decision-making process (charged decision making). One to two hours are needed for the initial examination.

For inpatient and day-care psychosomatic – psychotherapeutic treatment

Inpatient and day-care psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic treatment is characterized by the multidisciplinary approach, d. h. characterized by the combination of different therapeutic methods for a treatment period of 4 to 8 weeks on average.

The main task of inpatient psychosomatic-psychotherapeutic treatment is to work together with the affected patient to make visible and work on problems that have triggered the severe symptomatology or a life crisis.

During inpatient psychosomatic treatment, depth psychological approaches are integrated and combined with behavioral therapy and systemic as well as special therapeutic approaches. A relationship-oriented approach as well as symptom-centered and practice-oriented approaches are used.

The special therapeutic offers are of particular importance in the treatment offer: body-oriented therapy approaches, non-verbal imaginative approaches, ecotrophological as well as music-therapeutic and painting-therapeutic approaches.

The clinic works according to an interdisciplinary concept, which is oriented towards the individual needs of the patient and combines depth psychological, behavioral and systemic therapy concepts. In addition, there is a careful medical clarification and, if necessary, a medical examination. Treatment of somatic complaints. The therapy programs are disorder-specific. The therapy program includes

– Individual psychotherapy – Interactional group psychotherapy – Symptom-oriented indicative groups: Eating disorder group, pain group, somatoform disorder group, anxiety group, depression group – Social therapy group – Family sculpture – Body therapy group – Pain therapy group – Music therapy group – Ecotrophology group and eating support – Obesity group – Self-regulation group: Progressive muscle relaxation, stabilization group – Reference care discussions – Physiotherapy services: Active group, back group, walking as well as individual applications – Rounds – Social work care – Couple and family discussions

If necessary, stress tests are carried out in the home or professional environment.

Following the inpatient or day-care stay, a weekly aftercare group is offered during the waiting period for a possible treatment. recommended outpatient psychotherapy place or other further treatments.

The psychosomatic treatment approach is multimodal, so that various therapeutic techniques allow patients to develop a verbal and nonverbal approach to their complaints.

The following elements are u.a. included:

– Interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapy of physical complaints as well as consultative presentations in other specialist departments – Treatment of malnutrition by means of feeding tubes – Treatment of self-injury – Treatment of difficult to adjust hypertension and diabetes mellitus – Psychopharmacological and internal medicine with appropriate indication – Antidepressant medication – Subjective explanation and treatment models of the psychosomatic illness – Provision of information as well as psychoeducation (eating disorder group, Acquisition of problem-solving skills with the aim of self-management of the disease – Promotion of health behavior and physical activity (ecotrophology) – Symptom and emotion diaries – Involvement of the family through family discussions – Cooperation with general practitioners and specialists Progress controls regarding the conviction of the disease and the psychosomatic symptoms – Stress tests (in the domestic/family/professional area) still during the inpatient treatment

Additional services for private patients in the therapeutic area:

Individual therapy takes place 3 times a week for 50 minutes each. In addition, private patients receive, if indicated, besides the group treatment in music-. Body therapy both forms of therapy in individual therapy in addition to physiotherapeutic offers. Additional offers by the head physician.

Consultation service

In addition to the outpatient clinic and inpatient and day-care psychosomatic care, cooperation with the other clinics of the DIAKOVERE Henriettenstift within the framework of a consultation and liaison service as well as a psycho-oncological service is highly significant and represents an important task for the staff of the psychosomatic clinic. In addition to the necessary physical diagnostics, patients from other clinics can also take part in this group. Therapy psychosomatically accompanied by staff of the psychosomatic consultation service. These are mainly patients with severe physical illnesses that have led to a drastic change in their lives, affecting their mood, family, social and professional skills.

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