Rat infestation in corona lockdown expert from heilbronn warns of hantavirus heilbronn

According to a pest controller, rats have multiplied extremely in Heilbronn. Dangerous diseases are imminent.

First, the employees of a food manufacturer in the Heilbronn area just a quiet scratching – and think nothing of it. First! But from day to day the noises from the ceiling of the office building are getting louder and louder. As visible yellow stains begin to form, it quickly becomes clear what is wreaking havoc over the heads of the staff: Rats, lots of Norway rats. Pest controller Johann Ekov, which together with Timur Zhukenov Owner of the company Effective Concept in Heilbronn is, discovers four nests, oodles of Feces as well as urine traces, one of which is also responsible for the stain on the ceiling. Now must be acted quickly. Because rats multiply very quickly and are highly dangerous for humans. Especially their excretions. In addition, their gnawing instinct can lead to short circuits on electric wires lead.

When visiting the company in the Heilbronn area, the experienced pest controller quickly realizes how the Norway rat infestation the omnivores have been taken over by the food waste attracted to the premises. While the production area is the Hygiene conditions If the building is appropriately secured, the rats were able to enter the ceiling area of the office wing through a gap in the beam. And build their nests there. Johann Ekov needs to go the whole hog. "We have secured the affected area, fought the rodents acutely, removed their droppings as well as disinfected everything." follow-up inspections take place.

Rat plague in Corona lockdown: pest controller from Heilbronn warns of hantavirus

Thorough disinfection is extremely important in the context of such a measure, because rats more than 100 infectious diseases can transfer. This also includes Disease caused by hantaviruses, to which also the extremely dangerous and in the meantime in Germany arrived Seoulvirus belongs. Johann Ekov explains: "The transmission takes place mainly via dust stirred up from feces and urine of rats instead of."But a bite or contact with the saliva or blood of the animals could also be a possible transmission route. Hantavirus can long lasting flu symptoms cause. Weakened people can even die from it. namely acute kidney failure.

Just a few years ago, it was said that there were two rats for every inhabitant; now there is talk of three or more rats per inhabitant.

The Control of rats currently accounts for 50 percent of the work of Effective Concept's pest controllers. While due to Corona lockdowns If, for example, the bedbug infestation has strongly decreased, it looks completely different with the harmful rodents. Johann Ekov speaks of downright plague in larger Cities like Heilbronn. His company receives three to four inquiries a day. One third of them come from companies, two thirds come from private persons. Ekov explains, "Just a few years ago, it was said that there were two rats for every inhabitant, but now it has become commonplace to talk about three or more rats per inhabitant the speech."

Rat plague in Heilbronn: Corona lockdown drives pests into homes and businesses

The fact that in larger cities like Heilbronn there is a Rat plagues specialist Ekov attributes the infestation to "inadequate sewer baiting and not sufficient controls this" back. Although this is actually prescribed by the Federal Environmental Agency. Add to that the fact that the rats because of the Corona lockdowns finding less food in city centers, as restaurants are only allowed to be open for pick-up service. And then the Littering drastically increased, for example, at container sites. Consequence: This drives the rats into the adjacent buildings during cold weather. A devastating combination! Ekov: "If we specialists, not charlatans in our industry do not put a targeted stop to the survival artists, we will soon have a extremely dangerous problem!"

course of a heavy infection with the Hantavirus

First characteristic is high fever that lasts for three to four days. In addition, flu-like symptoms occur such as head-. Pain in the limbs as well as chills. Subsequently, it can lead to circulation-. kidney problems come. In the worst case, an infection can lead to kidney failure requiring dialysis and even death.

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