Recommendations for action health and medicine

Health and medicine – challenges and opportunities. Analysis and recommendations for action. Long version

Dr. Christina Hans
Future Council of the Bavarian Economy

Christine Volzow
General economic policy Digitalization

Recommendations for action health and medicine

Health and medicine – analysis and recommendations for action (long version)

Recommendations for action health and medicine

Future Council of the Bavarian Economy

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The recommendations for action of the Bavarian Business Council for the Future are based on the vbw study Health and medicine – challenges and opportunities. It shows the challenges facing the system and how the healthcare industry is positioned at the location. On this basis, the Future Council has drawn up recommendations for action aimed at business, science, politics and society.

New technologies and added value

The focus is on the question of what contribution new technologies can make to future-proofing the healthcare system and providing even better medical care. It is also important to generate additional value through innovative products, business models and processes. A key role is played by digitization in the healthcare sector, the creation of an innovation- and research-friendly environment, and the optimization of the framework conditions for the healthcare industry in Bavaria. At the same time, there is the question of what the health care system can and must do, and what is the responsibility of each individual. It is also important to address ies of care and the elimination of inefficiencies and disincentives in the health care system.

on the subject

Goal: Top performance in therapy and research

Bavaria and Germany are in a very good position today when it comes to access to good medical care. This quality must be maintained, secured in the long term and further expanded without losing sight of the financial viability of the health care system. A goal must be it beyond that, the health location Bavaria and/or. Make Germany more attractive to entrepreneurs, researchers, specialists and investors, and thus reach the top in therapy and research. There is also a need for action in the transfer of the knowledge gained into practical application. Here it is necessary to specifically promote start-ups, to create an innovation-friendly legal framework and to secure skilled workers. In addition, ethical questions must be answered in all areas in such a way that Bavaria is strengthened as a location and living space in equal measure.

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