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Here in Dithmarschen you are exactly right for a decelerated vacation with wellness for body and soul. Because you will find not only an untouched nature, but also the unmistakable, fresh North Sea air. Both of these are complemented by a variety of recovery and wellness activities.

wellness& Cure in Dithmarschen

This is how you experience real relaxation

Just a walk along the North Sea dike in wind and weather in the healthy stimulating climate leaves room for reflection and dreams and the mind finally has time to rest. Actively relax, is the keyword here. The vastness of the sea and the seemingly endless horizon free you from the confines of everyday life. You can complement this with wellness and health offers in the health centers and wellness facilities and mix your own personal relaxation cocktail.

Health from the sea: Thalasso

Derived from "Thalassa", the Greek word for sea, Thalasso stands for a variety of healthy applications in the medical and wellness sector. Depending on whether the desire is for a cure, or simply for a little time out, almost any desire can be satisfied here. Thalasso treatments rebalance body, mind and soul.

Five becomes one: health from the sea
The air, the sea, the salt, the mud and the seaweed – together they form the thalasso quintet. Five elements, that's all it takes for a real Dithmarsch health cocktail that revitalizes body and mind.

sea air:
Our North Sea air is particularly healthy, as it contains condensed seawater, which is then absorbed through breathing and the skin. This not only strengthens the respiratory tract but also deepens breathing in the long term. At the same time, this air is hardly polluted by pollen or dust particles: A clear health advantage.
The sea water helps the body from the inside and from the outside. It detoxifies, vitalizes and remineralizes the body and has a positive effect on skin and digestion. The salt mixture of seawater is largely identical to that of human blood and can therefore be well absorbed and processed by the body. In thalassotherapy, it is used to treat symptoms resulting from stress, such as burnout, fatigue, nervousness and insomnia.
sea salt:
It is a real all-rounder, the sea salt. Because its ingredients have revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, moisturizing and antibacterial effects. It is mainly used to rid the skin of toxins, improve blood circulation and regulate the ph-value of the ties.
Sea silt:
The sea mucus contains ten times more minerals than sea water. It consists mainly of fine-grained clay. Because of its fine consistency, sea silt is particularly malleable and very pleasant on the skin. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties, sea silt has a detoxifying effect and promotes blood circulation. Silt packs store heat optimally. Are used for muscle relaxation. In the cosmetic field, the sea silt is used in the treatment of impure skin, as it has a very deep cleansing effect.
No other natural product is as rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements as seaweed. Algae are used in thalassotherapy internally and externally. They improve the supply of nutrients, promote blood circulation, have a positive effect on the intestines, provide the skin with energy and protect it from environmental influences.

You would like to have Relaxation weekend at the North Sea spend? Here you can complement your stay with attractive offers:

– Nordseefarm in Busumer Deichhausen, wellness hotel for women – Health and Therapy Center GTZ in Friedrichskoog

Relaxation in Dithmarschen: Wellness at the North Sea

recreation health in the north sea climate deceleration in dithmarschen

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Especially in the well-known resorts Busum and Friedrichskoog Wellness lovers get their money's worth. Here you find around the adventure pool "Meerzeit Busum (formerly "Piraten Meer", reopening expected in summer 2021) or. the health and therapy center in Friedrichskoog a various offer at most diverse Wellnessangebote – from massages over baths up to classical face treatments no desires remain open. The wellness applications do not only the body good, but caress at the same time the soul. Complete your Time out from everyday life then simply with a beautiful walk at the rough North Sea and let you afterwards in one of our many good restaurant culinary spoil. This is guaranteed to turn your wellness weekend into a real relaxation highlight.

Here you will find more Wellness offers in Dithmarschen:

– AWO North Sea Clinic Erlengrund in Busum North Sea Farm in Busumer Deichhausen, wellness hotel for women – Nordica Hotel Berlin in Heide – The Happy Feet in Busum – Lutt Wellness Stuv in Eddelak – Fasting and wellness at the North Sea, Busumer Deichhausen

Recovery& Health in focus: Cure in Dithmarschen

The healthy North Sea air, the endless expanse, the untouched nature and the healing stimulating climate – these are the best prerequisites for a relaxing cure. Directly on the North Sea coast in Dithmarschen, two spa centers offer you various possibilities to restore the balance between body and soul. Here you can recharge your batteries, get well quickly after an illness, fight chronic diseases and prevent new ones.

During a cure in the North Sea health resorts Busum and Friedrichskoog illnesses of the respiratory tract, the skin, the intestinal tract and the cardiovascular system can be treated. The spa programs also include the treatment of rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders and stress-related complaints such as insomnia and fatigue. In Dithmarschen, there is the possibility of outpatient prevention and rehabilitation cures, inpatient cures, compact cures and mother/father-child cures. Take advantage of the opportunities to decelerate on Dithmarschen's wildly beautiful North Sea coast: The combination of the healing stimulating climate and the extensive reservoir of natural resources creates optimal conditions for becoming and staying healthy.

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