Red roses preview how it goes from monday 02.05.2022 onwards

Tina (Katja Frenzel, l.) and Ben (Hakim Michael Meziani, 2.v.l.) find out where their wedding money from Walter ended up: Joe (Naiher Zerisenay, 2.v.r.) has invested the 500 euros in a hoverboard (with Jerry Kwarteng, r. and Jayceon Mueller, M.).

"Red Roses" on Wednesday, 04.05.2022: Episode 3553

Leo tries not to get his hopes up with Katrin. When Mia gets drunk at work and is suspended by Simon, she uses her parents' concern to get Katrin and Florian to talk things out. With success: the two can go their separate ways reconciled.

Many misunderstandings continue to stand between Gunter and David. On a hunting trip, they become close until Gunter blames David for the missing car. David has had enough and gives Gunter a clear message.

Hendrik negotiates a deal with Amelie: If she convinces Britta to go to rehab, she'll owe him one. And in fact, Amelie.

Tina and Ben struggle with the lost money. To Ben's surprise, Hendrik makes Joe give back the hoverboard and ultimately the money.

Philip can barely stand to allow Carla the time to think about it. Amelie advises Philip to stay calm. And it pays off: Carla wants to keep the relationship going, but with ease, please. Philip is only too happy to get involved.

red roses preview how it goes on from monday 02.05.2022

Philip's (Marc Schottner, l.) Patience pays off. Also Carla (Maria Fuchs, r.) would like to continue the relationship.

"Red Roses" on Thursday, 05.05.2022: Episode 3554

Florian sees Lisbon as a new beginning and takes a farewell trip with Mia and Franzi. Through a guidebook, he is reminded of his love for Anke and, in a determined declaration of love, asks her to go with him.

After Ben gets the money back from Joe, he surprises Tina with two white gold rings and swears eternal love to her. Tina is moved to tears.

In a fatherly conversation with Gunter, Simon realizes that he has to grow from the situation and wants to stand by Sara's side. With new clarity, he reveals to Sara that he would be the father of her child!

Gunter realizes that he has accused David wrongly. David is severely disappointed. But when Gunter approaches him and brings over the Leatherstocking volumes, David is able to accept Gunter's apology.

Britta gets rattled by Amelie: she suggests she get a beauty treatment during her rehab. Britta wonders if Hendrik thinks the same way. But he lovingly ares her that he loves her the way she is.

Red roses preview how it goes on from monday 02.05.2022

Ben (Hakim Michael Meziani, l.) Tina (Katja Frenzel, r.) the eternal faithfulness.

"Red Roses" on Friday, 06.05.2022: Episode 3555

Anke is too proud to accept Florian's confession of love. Florian accepts it disappointed. Franzi and Dorte understand Anke, but advise her to reconsider the decision. Finally Katrin can give Anke the decisive nudge to jump over her shadow. Shortly before Florian's departure, she tells him she will come to Lisbon with him. Amelie makes fun of Philip's infatuation with Carla. Warns him: Carla is only playing with him. But Philip does not want to believe this. Secretly plans their future together.

Tina is happy about her new ring, but it fits too loosely and she loses it. She has no idea that he has ended up with Carla in a roundabout way. She worries about how to explain the loss to Ben.

Hendrik finds it hard to let Britta go to rehab. Shortly decided he wants to accompany her. But it is not that simple . Simon's confession to Sara. Giving your baby a lot of trouble. But Sara does not believe that he is serious. Simon does not know what else to do.

Rote rosen preview how does it continue from monday 02.05.2022

Philip (Marc Schottner, l.) is very much in love and is planning a future together with Carla (Maria Fuchs, r.).

© Source: ARD/Nicole Manthey

New episodes of "Red Roses" and "Storm of Love

In the meantime, fans had to fear for their favorite series. Both "Rote Rosen" and "Sturm der Liebe" were threatened with cancellation. In the meantime, however, it is certain that both series will continue to be filmed for the time being. The production contracts for the two ARD telenovelas have been extended by 180 episodes each, as NDR announced on 4. February 2022 shared.

What is the 19. Season of "Red Roses"?

Dramatic night at the hospital in Luneburg: a comatose patient has been brought in. Her condition is to be examined. The doctors Dr. Britta Berger (Jelena Mitschke) and Dr. Hendrik Althaus (Jerry Kwarteng) detect brain activity and, together with the family, decide to risk a new treatment method to bring the patient out of her coma. And the miracle happens.

When Katrin (Nicole Ernst) opens her eyes the next morning, she is seven years into the coma she fell into after a severe case of smoke inhalation. But the world continued to turn – on a small and large scale. Her husband Florian (Stefan Plepp)has started a new family with her once best friend Anke (Anne Brendler). His own daughter Mia (Leonie Beuthner) is estranged in her new family, the beloved house burned down, the professional dreams destroyed. Only her brother Michi (Oliver Clemens), who looked after her while she was in a coma, and her physiotherapist Leo (Daniel Hartwig) stand by her unconditionally – even if Leo is not allowed to have feelings for his patient.

Nicole Ernst on ARD telenovela "Red Roses": "Big dreams, big feelings"

Katrin imagines herself in a nightmare after the years in coma. But she is a fighter. She wants to get her life back, her love, her family, her happiness. In the process, she has to learn that life can no longer be the same as it once was. But is that so bad? A new, exciting life and a new love are waiting for them.

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